Patriots Pass, Humble and Hard Working

<p>New England Patriots fullback Patrick Pass is a hard working, blue-collar kind of guy who remembers where he came from. He's not the kind of guy who gets a big head in the limelight. Pass takes a moment to recall how the Patriots began this fantastic run they're on, and shares his thoughts on the game.</p> <p>Ken Castro brings us these and other thoughts on Patriots unheralded fullback Patrick Pass.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots fullback Patrick Pass carries the ball against the New York Jets in this Dec. 26, 2004 photo in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)

Patriots Pass, Humble and Hard Working
By Ken Castro,
Patriots Insider

Long before he knew of a coach named Bill Belichick, Patrick Pass was building his reputation as a team player. As a valued member of Belichick’s one-for-all, all ­for-one system, the Patriots fullback has taken delight in his role as he and his teammates prepare for Sunday’s showdown with the Eagles.

But it’s no surprise that Pass has taken to heart the old adage of “not forgetting where you came from”, given his past. Just ask him about his most memorable moments on the field of play, outside of his National Football League experiences.

“I guess winning the (Georgia) state track championship in high school, “ said Pass, who caught 28 passes and rushed for 141 yards on 39 attempts this season. “It was a team thing. I didn’t finish, I pulled my quad(riceps) in track.”

At a young age, even when the results were not in Pass’s favor, his thoughts were always about the team. “I was pitching in the Little League World Series in Georgia. It was 7-4 and the opposing team had the bases loaded. I threw one right down the middle and the guy crushed it. We lost 8-7. I pulled my heart out. I was just pounding away at the mound like it was the mounds fault. We were the Tucker Baseball Association All-Stars, the TBA All-Stars. It was a big blow. I overcame it, but as a little kid when you are 10 or 11 and something like that happens to you, it’s like; it’s almost as if the world is coming to an end, because you don’t move on, you come home now,” he said.

Bigger stakes loom on Sunday, and Pass, the five-year vet has remained thankful for the opportunity to play in spectacle. “You really don’t get this opportunity to play in a Super Bowl often, “ Pass said. “Fortunately this team has been blessed three out of the last four years to have the opportunity to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. We don’t take it for granted because we know this may be our last time. We go out and prepare as if it may be our last time. So we want to prepare and have a great week of practice and play as well as we can on Sunday.”

Pass calls to mind the genesis of Belichick’s much envied team philosophy. “I think it really stems from the players.,” he said. “I think back to three years ago when we were fortunate enough to win our first Super Bowl. I think we were 5-5 at one point during the season and a lot of people out there weren’t giving us any type of respect at all. We were just being overshadowed by some smallest things that the other teams were doing. We just took it upon ourselves, that this is all we have right now.Every game we were talking about how this is all we have, and at one point we decided to come out as a team. To be introduced as a team. It just kept with us all through the Super Bowl in 2001 against the Rams.”

With a solid performance on Sunday, Pass has the opportunity to earn another ring, his third. Asked if he would sport all of his hardware at once he smiled and said, “ I hope, that’s the plan to win as many as you can. Right now I have two already and I have a chance to win another one, but only if we go out and play a great game. It doesn’t get old. We want to come out and have fun, but at the same time, take care of business.”

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