Patriots Report: Bruschi to the Hospital

<p>Breaking News for the Patriots seems to be coming from all corners of the map recently. With Tom Brady, Larry Izzo, and Tedy Bruschi playing in the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, to coaching changes in the Midwest, to even more news right here on the East Coast. Patriots news abounds this offseason.</p> <p>The newswire is packed with loads of info on Bruschi's illness and reports on him being admitted to the hospital for stroke-like symptoms. Loads more in today's site news report.</p>

Patriots Report: Bruschi to the Hospital
Midweek News and Notes
By Patriots Insider Staff

Tedy Bruschi: Admitted to MGH

Reports first surfaced last night that Patriots All-pro linebacker Tedy Bruschi was rushed to the hospital last night via ambulance after suffering symptoms typically found in stroke victims. Bruschi complained of headaches, blurred vision and partial paralysis.

Patriots team spokesman Stacey James, issued a statement, as reported in the Boston Papers: "After suffering from headaches earlier today, Tedy Bruschi was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is in good condition and will be held for further evaluations."

Today's Newswire has reports from: Boston Globe :: Woonsocket Call :: Boston Channel 5 :: Boston Herald

Afternoon Update: Bruschi has apparently suffered from a broken blood vessel according to team sources. Ron Borges from the Boston Globe has a report on Brushi, with little more information: Bruschi has broken blood vessel in head

Drew Bledsoe: To Be Released

Bledsoe's career seems to be drawing to a close as a starting QB in the NFL. Bledsoe who steered the Patriots to one Superbowl, and was a key player in securing a playoff birth for a second one. Bledsoe was traded to the Buffalo Bills for a draft pick and has been the Bills starting QB ever since.

For more on Bledsoe's release check out the reports on the wire: Buffalo News :: Bills Report

Jeff Davidson: Moving to Cleveland

Patriots TE and offensive line coach Jeff Davidson agreed to terms to join the Cleveland Browns. Their new head coach, and former Patriots Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel had this to say about the Davidson hire: ''Jeff will certainly help us develop our offensive line with his detail oriented approach and tremendous work ethic. 'He thoroughly understands the intricacies of the running game and pass protection and shares the same offensive philosophy as Maurice and I.''

Davidson ends an 8 year tenure with the Patriots, and reunites him with Crennel in his new home.

More on Davidson can be found here: Toledo Blade :: Press release :: The Republican

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For more breaking news, and to talk about how these events have affected the Patriots, check out what visitors are saying in the forums:

TooTallToBox: Hi folks. I came here to offer my support. I hope everything turns out fine for Tedy and his family, and his extended family, the Pats and you fans.

bmw2000: This doesn't sound like promising diagnosis, we will have to see what comes of it. Sounds to me like if it is a stroke, my favorite player's career might be in jeopardy.

rajwolv: I am new to this board, but a regular on fanhome Red Sox Board, Just wanted make sure we all say a prayer for Teddy to make sure he is first and foremost healthy for him and his family's sake.

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