Patriots Report: Bruschi's Condition Upgraded

<p>The New England Patriots starting middle linebacker Tedy Bruschi has been hospitalized, and is recovering in the hospital from stroke-like symptoms. Bruschi news broke on Wednesday, and Patriots Insider has been updating the all-pro's status as news filters in regarding his condition.</p> <p>For the latest on Bruschi, see this morning's update.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots' Tedy Bruschi celebrates after intercepting a pass from Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb Feb. 6, 2005. (AP Photo)

Tedy Bruschi: Status update

As has been widely reported, Tedy Bruschi was rushed to the hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital) Wednesday afternoon/evening with what were reported to be stroke-like symptoms. Bruschi's wife, Heidi, first called 911 on Wednesday describing here husband's condition as headaches, blurred vision and numbness on one side of his body.

Bruschi was taken by ambulance to MGH, where he was treated and underwent tests to determine the cause of his illness. While reports have hit the wire ranging from a broken blood vessel in his head to a mild stroke, team sources released an official statement only describing the symptoms initially:

"After suffering from headaches earlier today, Tedy Bruschi was admitted to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He is in good condition and will be held for further evaluations. The Bruschi family appreciates everyone's concern, but requests that you respect their privacy at this time."

Coverage continued throughout the day with some of Patriots Insiders speculating on what might be wrong with the linebacker, and including personal stories, which are best appreciated by those who know. The forums continued to be an excellent source for regulars to keep up with Bruschi's condition as the news and updates trickled in from other media outlets, all reporting the same news.

News continued throughout Thursday with only one other item of note from the team. Team spokesman, Stacey James, issued another release for the media on Bruschi's condition:

"Tedy is in good condition and, as always, his spirits are high. He is walking and talking normally and stressed that he would like to thank everyone for keeping him and his family in their thoughts and prayers. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and the Bruschi family is very appreciative."

Later in the evening, worries had continued regarding Bruschi's condition, more national media reported on Wednesday's news, and the local Boston media had uncovered some more information on Bruschi's condition and location. According to Newswire reports, Bruschi had a leaking blood vessel in his brain, and his prognosis was good. Sources told the Globe that Bruschi was improving and signs pointed to his condition being a temporary one.

The Herald had a report that Bruschi is staying at the Philip House, an upscale section of MGH with private rooms for patients who wanted privacy. This was a sign that Bruschi was improving as had he been in critical or serious condition, it would be more likely that he would be in a different section of the hospital for treatment.

The official team site had more information on Bruschi in their weekly "In the news", recapping what had been widely reported in the local papers already.

The Prognosis on Bruschi is good, and from what we're hearing, everyone expects him to make a full recovery. Whether or not that includes football is an entirely different matter. It's possible Bruschi will be discharged from the hospital as early as today (Friday), so stay tuned. Look for breaking news on Bruschi, on the message boards, on the Tipline, or in the Hot News.

Read comments from Jets, Ravens, Panthers and Seahawk fans in the the Bruschi thread, as many football fans just love this guy and want to show their support.

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