Patriots Report: Bruschi Heads Home

<p>New England Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi, leaves the hospital to head home for rest. Bruschi suffered what was termed as a mild stroke which affected his vision and mobility on Wednesday. More on Bruschi's condition below.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots' Tedy Bruschi, left, and his wife, Heidi, leave Massachusetts General Hospital, Friday, Feb. 18, 2005, in Boston. Bruschi was released from the hospital after spending two days recovering from a mild stroke that caused numbness, blurred vision and severe headaches. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Tedy Bruschi, looking calm, and reserved was seen leaving Massachusetts General Hospital this afternoon with his wife Heidi. Bruschi who was rushed to the hospital via ambulance has been diagnosed with a form of mild stroke, and release pending the results of his tests.

The Patriots have no official update on Bruschi's status, but have released a statement requesting that the public respect the family's privacy and thanking them for the tremendous display of support.

Bruschi is in the middle of a contract which has him compensated at a reasonable and affordable level for the Patriots to wait out his recovery period. When asked about the contract he signed last year, he told reporters "I don't want to play for another team. I got to stay here, play and establish something." Bruschi acted as his own agent in the negotiations, accepting less than he could have commanded on the open market.

It's one of Bruschi's endearing qualities. His humility and sense of greater purpose.

The results of Bruschi's test are not expected back in what could be as long as at couple weeks, and there is no real need to rush to decide upon the next course of action until those results are known. Free agency begins March 1st, and Bruschi isn't going anywhere. He's happy, he's home and he's recovering. Whether he plays for the Patriots again or not, won't be known for quite a while, so stay tuned.

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