Patriots Report: Face of the Franchise

<p>It appears the Patriots were not able to come to an agreement with the all-pro kicker, and will for the second time place the franchise tag on him to prevent him from becoming a true Free Agent on March 2nd.</p>

Patriots Report: The Face of the Franchise
Team tags kicker for the second time
By Patriots Insider Staff

The team announced that they have used the Franchise tag on one of the NFL's most famous kickers, Adam Vinatieri. This gives both sides time to negotiate a contract to keep the kicker with the team, once the deadline for free-agency passes.

Vinatieri was given the Franchise Tag last in 2002 after the Patriots had won their first Superbowl. A couple weeks later both sides reached an agreement on a contract extension that kept him with the world champions up through the 2004 season.

Vinatieri has helped the Patriots win three of the last four Superbowls, all of which have had a margin of victory established by plays he has made with his foot. Most recently, his only field goal in the fourth quarter of Superbowl XXXIX was the margin of victory needed to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in Jacksonville just two weeks ago.

As expected, the team used the tag on him to extend the deadline for negotiations and to protect themselves while working out the details of his offer. According to figures from the NFL Players Association, Vinatieri's cap number would be roughly $2.06 million, and any offer will require the team to increase that number by a minimum of 20% making his new salary somewhere in the vicinity of $2.48 million.

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Look for more details on the impact of placing the tag on Vinatieri once additional information becomes available.

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