Patriots Report: Nothing Surtain About Law

<p>Ty Law continues to explore his options and look for a new home as he recovers from the foot injury that sidelined him since Halloween night. As one of the few remaining premier free agents available, one would think a player such as Law would be hotly pursued by teams in need of an upgrade. That would be true except for two things. His injury, and a certain other premier cornerback on the market.</p><p>Chris Shepard has the latest on Law and his competition for the big payday.</p>

PHOTO: New England Patriots CB Ty Law #24 stands on the field during Super Bowl XXXVIII Feb. 1, 2004 (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

Nothing Surtain about Law
By Christopher Shepard

How serious are the Kansas City Chiefs about obtaining the services of ex-Patriots all pro CB Ty Law? Apparently, there are 12.5 million reasons why not. Among those reasons include the fact that Kansas City Chief’s GM Carl Peterson is worried about Law’s age and his busted foot that kept him out of 12 games last year.

But even if Law’ was never sidelined with an injury last year, he might not be as attractive to the Chiefs as Miami CB Patrick Surtain.

Coach Dick Vermiel said last week that Kansas City was considering Surtain and free agent Ty Law to fill the pre-draft need for a starting cornerback. But listening to Peterson, it looks like Law is already out of a job that was never offered.

About acquiring Ty Law, Peterson has said, “I would not offer him a contract today based on where he is. That would be foolish of anyone. In all probability, what we would like to do is bring him back a little bit later in free-agency and see what kind of progress he’s making.”

A look at Kansas City’s Cap numbers show that the Chiefs are currently less than 5 million under the salary cap for 2005. The Chiefs this year will have precious little to negotiate with Law’s exorbitant contract, but are making moves that seems to suggest a deal with Surtain.

Kansas City has four restricted free agents to tender offers, and since they have released cap terror Vonnie Holiday they have saved $6.22 million toward their salary cap. Which opens up the negotiating table for a shut down corner of Surtain’s ilk.

Sports Illustrated reported Monday that a fourth round pick was offered to the Dolphins for Surtain.

According to published reports, Peterson spent last Friday in negotiations with Surtain’s agent Gary Uberstine regarding a contract extension. Surtain is in the last year of his contract for the Dolphins. It is believed that Surtain is looking for between $12-$14 as a signing bonus as part of the deal.

Miami, most likely, will want compensation in the form of a high draft pick from Kansas City – a second or third at worst. It is likely the fourth round pick is not their best offer and certainly the Chiefs would like at minimum a second round pick for the deal to go through. While the Chiefs have the number 15 overall draft pick, they are not going to give that up for anyone.

However, the Dolphins were also looking to unload Surtain before Wednesday (the first day of the NFL year) so they would not have to pay him a $300,000 roster bonus. Now with a deal still not done, Surtain’s $8.4 million salary counts toward the cap – and might make him less attractive for the Chiefs.

This year the cap is slated around $88 million per team for this upcoming season, up from $80.

Added to the Chiefs defensive woes this year is the fact that their bitter rival, the Oakland Raiders, inked premier WR Randy Moss to their roster from the Vikings in the off-season. This makes signing a shutdown corner or two imperative for Cunningham coached defense.

While it looks like the Chiefs are closer to getting Surtain, if the draft pick issue is not resolved soon and as NFL teams get deeper into the free agency period, it might certainly behoove KC GM Peterson to look again at on of the NFL’s most durable CBs. Law only missed three games in ten years before the injury last year.

But in either case the last thing the Chiefs want to get involved in is a long drawn out bidding war for either player, or give up position in this year’s draft. Or even worse, overpay for a cornerback like the Broncos did last year and have Randy Moss torch them when they play the Raiders. Instead, the Chiefs seem to have adopted a wait and see attitude until the draft on April 23-24 because in today’s NFL nothing is certain.

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