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<P>Patriots Insiders News. In the middle of the the offseason, Patriots news has never been more interesting for us at (PI).</p><p> In a span of less than four days the team has hosted four recent visitors that we've covered, signed a former teammate of Tom Brady's, continued to dispel rumors of Tedy Bruschi's health, and crank out their own &quot;official&quot;<I> independent</I> news coverage.</P><p>See what's new at PI.</p>

At PI, we know you're looking for something more than just run-of-the-mill news coverage you get from the regulars. Sure you enjoy baseball and Johnny Damon's wedding reports, but do they have to drop all Patriots coverage to move to the Sox?

What's Happening at PI?

The good news is, we've cranked out a couple cool new tools for you to use... and the best part is that they're available to all visitors, not just subscribers.


The Mock Draft Muncher

By far, one of the coolest tools available for Fantasy and Draft nuts is the Draft Muncher. This database muncher aggregates all the mock drafts (Over 50) we can cram into it. It will spit out an orderly assessment of each individual team's needs or picks based upon all the other "official" mock drafts in the system. If you wanted to know about the Top 5 picks projected for the 2005 NFL draft you could "click here" and get a list of them from every mock draft in the Muncher.

Say you're only interested in the Patriots Picks, you could click here for the Projected Patriots 1st round Pick in every mock draft in the Muncher. Say you want to know the trend positive or negative like other draft boards have for a particular player. Well instead of just an Up arrow, or a Down arrow, the Mock Draft Muncher shows you the Average Draft Position, and the trend analysis (Animated) so you can see how they rise and fall the closer we get to draft day.

To put it simply we haven't seen anything like it, and we're pretty darn sure nobody else is doing this. The best part is it's what all those other sites think all wrapped up into one nice neat package so you don't have to spend hours surfing the web to find what you need. It's RIGHT HERE:


RSS and XML feeds

Can't keep up with Patriots Insider news? You don't have to visit us to see what's going on, you can do it from right within your own MyHome Example: Say you use Yahoo for your e-mail and homepage. Yahoo has a section titled MyYahoo. Original isn't it? In the MyYahoo section, you have the ability to check e-mail, customize your homepage news, view local movies and add a News feed.

PI's XML / RSS feed is exactly that. A News Feed. You don't have to have any fancy software, all you need is our XML feed URL (location) and you're in like Flint.

Better yet, you can add our feed to just about any XML / RSS reader out there. Don't have a Yahoo account, then try MSN. Add us to your MyMSN page. Don't have either, but have your own blog, then add our feed to your Blog. Have a free desktop Newsreader like Pluck? Then you can add us to your list.

The following table is a list of our newsfeeds, and the systems you can add us to. If you don't have one of the ones listed, then just copy and paste the URL's provided into your newsfeed or newsreader and you'll be getting Patriots information in minutes.

News Feed
Patriots Newswire - Link
(Latest Patriots news we've scoured from around the web)
Patriots Insider Headlines
(Frontpage Stories)
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Subscribe in NewsGator Online
Subscribe in NewsGator Online


Forum Updates

The Message boards here at PI are a mix of topics from Patriots news and general football discussion to off topic subjects like the Pope, what's on American Idol or whatever. Some PI visitors are regulars posting daily, many times multiple times a day, while others just surf on in to see what's up.

We know you surf other sites and we appreciate when our members let us know something else is out there. If you haven't tried the message boards lately, don't forget to visit the INSIDER LOUNGE where we take your questions and pose them to the Experts for their feedback.

Some recent Questions centered around "Will the Patriots choose a linebacker in this upcoming draft?" By the number of articles coming from Scout, the answer is not IF, rather it's "Which round will they take one?"

If you have a question for the insiders, drop by the lounge (open to all visitors), and send us your questions.

In addition, there's a neat little Tab thingy on top of the forums listing that you can use to view the top 3 headlines for the day, or what's the latest rumor in the Tipline/Rumors, even check the Newswire. One other tab on the header is for Special Offers or Notices described below.


Special Offer

The coolest thing we've been able to add to PI in recent days is a new Special Offer for those interested in subscribing. While Scout's official offer to bundle items with every subscription has expired, those of us working here at PI have managed to secure you some new stuff.

When you subscribe to Patriots Insider, you have 3 options; 1-month, 6-month and 12-month duration.

With your subscription to all the great content we're producing for you, the 6-month or 12-month plans get you the Scout Draft guide plus your choice of Free Gifts*.

Insider Access at PI allows you to view premium content from all the sites, including MLB and College sites. You also get to join in Premium chat sessions on other sites or forums, premium Insiders Lounge areas, and access to all the NFL Experts draft coverage.

If you're wondering if it's worth it, we think there's no better value for insider info. But we encourage you to try it for yourself. Take the 7-day Free Trial and see if it isn't everything you wanted in a news site.


Updates to the Roster

Finally a bit of team news. The roster has been updated with the NFL Europe players allocated overseas by the Patriots. Some of these guys will stick, whether it's on the Pats roster or another. You can also use the roster list to find links to stories about each player. Much of the news breaking at about the Patriots on Scout doesn't always come from PI. One the best ways to keep up with this is to add the player's you're interested in to your HOTLIST.

So go to the roster listing, click on the player of interest, and add them to your Hotlist. You'll then get an e-mail every time there's news on the player. (You have to sign-up for a free Scout account to save your hotlist)

The best example of this is Ty Law, whom many Pats fans are watching to see if there's breaking news on him in free agency. Put Law, Troy Brown, Tedy Bruschi on your list and you won't have to worry about missing any news that breaks on the Scout Network about them.

Have a comment for the webmaster? Use the Contact us link, or send your comment here: Contact PI

We want to know what you like about Patriots Insider, and appreciate any feedback you care to share with us to help us improve the site.

As always, we at PI thank you for helping to make Patriots Insider one of the fastest growing Patriots fan communities on the web.

Jon Scott

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