Rob Rang: The Seahawks.NET Chat

A week before the 2005 NFL Draft, Rob Rang of spent over two hours in the Seahawks.NET chat room. A longtime friend of Seahawks.NET, Rob provided great analysis and several interesting team tidbits to our community. Here is the transcript of the chat for all to read and enjoy!

(Editor’s Note: Rob sent us a brief post-chat note to clarify a couple things, so we wanted to preface the chat itself with that):

In hindsight of our chat, I wanted to make sure a couple of points were understood.

For one, the perception that Seattle will focus on a defensive tackle early. This isn’t necessarily true. Ruskell’s history shows that he places high value on impact defensive linemen. I’m not so sure he/the Hawks feel that there are many impact defensive tackles in this draft. They do believe Castillo will be one – and had him ranked as a possible 1st round pick before the Combine. Therefore, they will consider him, but not necessarily other DTs early.

Of course, defensive end is another matter.  

Erasmus James could easily fall into their lap. I know they are intrigued by his ability. It remains to be seen if James’ durability concerns would cause them to ignore him and take someone else. This is absolutely a possibility.

While defensive line is clearly the target, cornerback makes the most sense after that. If they are to take a corner, expect one of those with legitimate return skills, not a guy taller, slower guy like Marlin Jackson, Corey Webster, etc.

I gave a list of five guys I believe Seattle will consider for the first round. Let me expand that to include ten guys I believe they’ll consider for the first two rounds.

Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
David Pollack, DE, Georgia
Adam “PacMan” Jones, CB, West Virginia
Justin Miller, CB, Clemson
Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern
Kevin Burnett, OLB, Tennessee
Chris Spencer, C, Mississippi
Domonique Foxworth, CB, Maryland
Antonio Perkins, CB, Oklahoma
JJ Arrington, RB, California.


Hawkstorian:: You're showing Erasumus James falling to the Seahawks at #23. Tell us a little about why you think that is and what kind of player he might be.
RobRang:: James is going to drop. He has some real medical question marks. Everyone knows about the hip, but there is other stuff teams are worried about too. If he falls to Seattle, I think they have to consider him. This team needs a dominant pass rusher and when he is healthy (big when/if) he is the draft's top pass rusher

jammerhawk:: Right off the bat, Rob - who are they looking at now?
RobRang:: Rather than go guy by guy, let me tell you the five guys I think Seattle is looking at for #23.
RobRang:: David Pollack, Adam "PacMan" Jones, Erasmus James, Justin Miller, and...Luis Castillo.
RobRang:: Obviously, Pollack, Jones, and James would be shocking falls. I explained why I think James could fall. I would be very surprised if he isn't available in the mid to late teens, so he could conceivably make it to #23.
RobRang:: Pollack is a player I love. We have him projected as going to Detroit at #10. But the simple fact is, he lacks size/speed numbers and could fall. If he did, Seattle would strongly consider him.
RobRang:: back to why PacMan might drop…The kid is 5'9. Terrific athlete, but he only fits certain schemes. He makes a lot of sense for Seattle should he really fall. The more likely two of course to actually be there are Miller and Castillo.
FlyingGreg:: I really like Justin Miller.
RobRang:: The team clearly wants to focus on DL with this pick, but Miller makes a lot of sense. Not a true shutdown corner, but is a cocky son of a gun who makes plays. You'll need that opposite Trufant. He is also is a terrific return man, something else Seattle needs. Whether in Round one or later, Seattle will find themselves a return man in this draft.

dfarrar777:: How do you think the reports that Luis Castillo has admitted to taking Andro before the Combine will affect his standing in the draft? Where did you have him projected before?
RobRang:: Flat out, the steroid admission is going to drop him. I think there is a slight chance (less than any of the other four guys) that Seattle takes him.
dfarrar777:: Seahawks D-Line coach Dwaine Board evidently visited him recently. Was that pre- or post-admission?
RobRang:: Post-admission. As reported by Jose Miguel Romero in the Seattle Times.
RobRang:: That said, they like him. He is a very good football player who absolutely is a first round talent. He is seen as a good guy who made a mistake. I believe he will fall into Round Two (where I think Seattle would even more strongly consider him), but if they don't think he'll be there, they might reach for him. Again, it would be a reach in terms of the perception of where he should go because of the steroids, but teams still like him. If Seattle took him in Round One (again, don't think it will happen), but if they did, I wouldn't bad mouth them at all. The kid can flat out play. Not a dominator, just a damn solid DT that will play for a decade.
RobRang:: Thing is, this DT class is terrible and Castillo (along with USC's Mike Patterson) are the only guys I feel sure will be solid pros. Shaun Cody and Travis Johnson are risks.

Hawkstorian:: Ware seems like a good fit here... yet he's not on your short list.
RobRang:: Ware is more of a 3-4 OLB. I like him. He'd provide an instant pass rush, but might be a little too small, even though size won't be as much of a factor with Ruskell at the helm.

dfarrar777:: What can you tell us about Tim Ruskell and his draft history? Is Seattle ’s 2005 draft pretty much his and his alone?
RobRang:: One of the better points I tried to make recently with John Clayton on his Saturday morning KJR radio show was Ruskell's history.
RobRang:: In his 12 years in the front office (11 with TB, 1 with ATL) his team took a DL with their 1st pick 5 times. That may not sound like much, but think back to those TB teams. Defense, especially defensive line was a STRENGTH as the years went on, not a weakness.
RobRang:: Yet they still focused there.
impacthawk:: and he took a chance on Sapp, character-wise when he fell to them.......early on it paid off
RobRang:: The other years the team twice took OL, twice WR, once CB, once LB. So, no other position more than twice. DL five times. That's not a trend. That is a philosophy.
dfarrar777:: Seems like they did that and went for value DBs in the later rounds...Barber, Dwight Smith, Lynch...
RobRang:: Exactly Doug,
FlyingGreg:: meshes with Ruskell's philosophy of building from the front
RobRang:: Exactly.
seahawkfan101:: Do you agree with that philosophy?
RobRang:: That football begins up front? Absolutely.
RobRang:: Adding the point about value DBs later in the draft.
RobRang:: That is the biggest difference you'll likely see between Ruskell, and the Ted Thompson/Scot McCloughan philosophy. Thompson goes by the Ron Wolf philosophy which means that you project players based on size/speed. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. That is why you saw the team take raw guys with obvious potential - Chris Davis, Alex Bannister, DJ Hackett, Bierria, etc. Ruskell is more about football players. Size is important. Speed and pure athleticism are more important.
RobRang:: Not saying which is better. We've all seen both styles work and win Super Bowls. Ruskell's ideas work better when you are looking for DEs and CBs potentially in the mid rounds who might slip because they lack size. Seattle will almost surely take a CB in the middle rounds they wouldn't have in the past. A guy who is 5-8 or so, but makes plays.
RobRang:: Or a 6-4, 250 pound DE like Tuck who makes plays.
dfarrar777:: He seems to LOVE small DBs.
FlyingGreg::...small DB's who are playmakers
RobRang:: I like a lot of smaller DBs too. for all of the talk about short DBs covering tall WRs, it takes an amazingly accurate QB to throw the ball high enough over a short DB with a 40"+ vertical. Now if your DL is dominant enough, it is really tough to have the time to throw accurately. Plus these small DBs are usually playmakers (thanks Greg) and can return INTs for scores.

jammerhawk:: Before you move off the DLine who else are they interested in, where does Tuck fit in?
tobor:: So I've seen Tuck's name brought up a few times but got in late. Is there some interest in Tuck by the hawks?
RobRang:: Don't think Tuck is going to be the pick. They are worried about his knee and think he is a little one dimensional.

impacthawk:: What do you think of a guy like Marlin Jackson/cb who may fall a bit this year
RobRang:: Marlin Jackson is an interesting guy. Has the size teams like, but lacks great speed. I think he could drop out of the first round, but have heard that GB (Thompson) loves him... That's where we have him going in our latest mock.

MuktownMs:: If you were Ruskell, with the first rounder would you go need or BPA?
RobRang:: Always go BPA, though this is a bit of a misnomer. Teams stack their boards making their positions of need the BPAs. only guys ranked considerably higher do you take over a need.

dfarrar777:: Given the machinations that McKay and Ruskell performed to grab Sapp AND Derrick Brooks in the 1st round in 1995 (and our similar defensive holes to where TB was back then), do you see the Seahawks possibly trading down?
RobRang:: tough question. Every team is looking to trade and get more 2nd and 3rd rounders. That is the value of this draft. There are probably 45-50 guys who are ranked about the same and will go from pick 20 or so on... it will be tough trading down in this draft and the simple fact is this team needs a difference-maker on the DL. I'd be surprised to see them trade down
FlyingGreg:: it does look like a great draft for depth

seahawkfan101:: Can you see them trading up?
RobRang:: Maybe a trade up if one of those big three (james, pollack, jones) starts to fall and they can get a good deal. Won't give up much though.

rawkhrdr:: who would you think they would trade, or more accurately what, if they decide to move up
RobRang:: Probably the extra 3rd (from compensation) or 4th (Dilfer) if looking to move up. Alexander if they could get someone to take him.
Hawkstorian:: Can you weigh in on who/where the Seahawks might be looking at QB?
RobRang:: Maybe one on the 2nd Day. Don't see one selected on Day One. Too many other, bigger needs.

jammerhawk:: If we draft Miller where/who does the pass rush come from?
RobRang:: That is the problem, jammer. They're looking for an explosive DE and the position, while fairly deep, will dry up.
FlyingGreg:: I can tell you from re-watching several games from '04 in the last few days, our pass rush was awful
FlyingGreg:: not a news flash
RobRang:: Uhhh, yeah.

seahawkfan101:: Could Matt Roth be someone they pick?
RobRang:: No, Roth isn't athletic enough. Roth would have to make it to Round Two, which won't happen.
RobRang:: Dan Cody won't happen either. BTW - Dan Cody might be the most overrated player in this entire draft.
dfarrar777:: Why specifically?
RobRang:: Too lean. Too weak. Fast in a straight line, but not laterally. Off-field concerns.
FlyingGreg:: don't sugar coat it Rob
dfarrar777:: lol
RobRang:: Someone might take him Round One, but I'll call it a monster reach.
RobRang:: I know three teams who think he is a 3rd round pick.
dfarrar777:: WOW.
RobRang:: You cheer for one of them.
dfarrar777:: I see.

FlyingGreg:: what about the other Cody, Shaun?
RobRang:: Not him either. Won't happen.

RobRang:: A couple of guys to keep in mind for rounds 2 and on...
RobRang:: C Chris Spencer (but not David Baas)
dfarrar777:: Spencer would be there for their second pick???
RobRang:: If Spencer is there, I think he is the pick. I think he might get taken a few picks earlier though...
seahawkfan101:: What about Kevin Burnett?
RobRang:: Nice one, 101. About to write his name down. Won't take him not (with Sharper signed), but like him. Would definitely be one to watch for in the 2nd, though think he'll be gone.
seahawkfan101:: I agree that he would be most likely gone.

RobRang:: Some CBs to remember: Antonio Perkins, Domonique Foxworth, Ellis Hobbs. Darrent Williams has a lot of off-field stuff, so might be off their board already, but he fits the profile of the player they like.
RobRang:: Darrent Williams probably won't go until the 3rd, but you watch, the kid is going to be a steal. Has the best break on the ball of any CB in this class.
FlyingGreg:: I like the sound of that -- heard the same things about Trufant
RobRang:: But he's 5-9, 176 pounds

RobRang:: Couple of other guys to keep in mind, this time some LBs:
RobRang:: Alfred Fincher, UCONN (the best MLB no one is talking about), Odell Thurman (another off-field guy, but terrific player)
dfarrar777:: Rob, in our Feb. chat, you had Darryl Blackstock as their man at #23. Where do you see him now?
RobRang:: He's a little one dimensional for Seattle. Won't take him in Round One and won't make it to Round Two. Good guy though. Exactly the type of character-guy they're looking for. Upside.

BucketheadJones:: Last year you had the Hawks very high on Boulware, anybody the Hawks are especially interested in this year?
RobRang:: You mentioned the Boulware projection last year. An opposite one for you this time. Some teams really like SS Ernest Shazor as a LB. Would fit the description Seattle is looking for in their LBs now, athletic, instinctive.
dfarrar777:: How big is he?
RobRang:: 6-4, 228

cHawk72:: Who are your top five pass rushers, any position?
RobRang:: Erasmus James
RobRang:: DeMarcus Ware
RobRang:: Shawne Merriman
RobRang:: David Pollack
RobRang:: Justin Tuck

dfarrar777:: So...what are the Seahawks looking for above all else in the first round? Is the pass rush the priority?
RobRang:: Defensive linemen (both pass rush and run) are the priority, but you can't just reach for that if it isn't available. CB is need 2, thus my projections.

RobRang:: Not much pass rush to develop with this collection of DEs. The positive and negative of Rhodes is that his schemes aren't difficult or tricky. They're all about kicking the butt of the guy in front of you, simply wanting it more. How many guys on Seattle 's D can you say that about?
RobRang:: Brown, Wistrom, Trufant, Hamlin, maybe Boulware soon.
RobRang:: Surprise, surprise, these are their best defenders

rawkhrdr:: I joined late...sorry if this has already been asked. I was just looking at ESPN's latest mock draft and they have us taking Erasmus James. Do you think he will fall to us?
RobRang:: That's also who we're projecting (James)

jammerhawk:: How do you see the hawks ranking the DE's after James and Pollack and who might be still around in the second 3rd or 4th?
RobRang:: I don't know their entire DE board, but for their needs I'd assume it to go: James, Pollack, Merriman, Tuck, Roth...
RobRang:: Spears is more of a base end, not a pass rusher, so I didn't include him.
jammerhawk:: Yeah I think he's a 3-4 end at any rate

seahawkchris:: Seahawks look to draft best defensive player available at #23 or could they look to trade down if none of their guys are there?
RobRang:: Trading down is going to be difficult Chris. Expect them to stay put and go either DL or CB,.

dfarrar777:: There are some who are calling Tubbs a bust after one year. Isn't that a bit harsh?
seahawkchris:: Man Tubbs was playing on a tender hamstring last year and was late to camp and had alot of personal issues last year, listening to him on the he sounds like he is re-focused this year and ready to go
RobRang:: Calling anyone a star or bust after one year is very premature.
FlyingGreg:: I totally agree Rob

seahawkchris:: Is James the right fit for us? Didnt he miss all of the 2003 season? and some of 2004?
RobRang:: Missed all of 2003 with a dislocated hip. Back in 2004. Struggled with various injuries later in the year (2004) and tailed off considerably (production-wise), but was healthy the first half of the season and arguably the best player in the country then.
RobRang:: James concerns me. His potential is obvious, but for my money, there is a reason we have Pollack ranked as the #1 DE in the draft.

RobRang:: 3 more later rounds DEs to keep in mind: Jay Ratliff ( Auburn ), Jeb Huckeba ( Arkansas ), and Tyler King (UCONN).

jammerhawk:: Each of the DEs you mention are likely to be gone in the 1st 50 picks could we trade up in the second round for Roth or Tuck or ??
RobRang:: Could trade up in Round Two. That, I could see happening.
RobRang:: Wouldn't be surprised at all by a trade back in late Round One or early Round Two, in fact.
dfarrar777:: I totally agree. Trade up in two for Spencer?

dfarrar777:: You see Khalif Barnes available at 23? Any chance that would change their M.O.?
RobRang:: Khalif Barnes could be there. Talented, talented kid.Very inconsistent.
RobRang:: Again, though there is a possibility Pollack or James (or both) fall to us.

dfarrar777:: What do you know about the players who visited Kirkland HQ? Who impressed and perhaps glued themselves to our draft board?
RobRang:: Not exactly sure who impressed them. Obviously if they are bringing guys in or taking the time to visit guys elsewhere, they're interested. The whole idea of the cloak and dagger stuff (visiting guys just to send out smoke) is a little over hyped.
RobRang:: These are the private workouts/private visits for Seattle as I have them now:
RobRang:: khalif barnes, zach tuiasosopo, odell thurman, gabe franklin, chris spencer, charles allgood, jeb huckeba, arnold harrison, kurt campbell, brian yarno, chris barry, robert douglas
RobRang:: Questions about these guys?
dfarrar777:: Yarno when you have time. Is he a Dan Klecko Swiss Army Knife guy?
dfarrar777:: Long snapper, fullback...
RobRang:: Yarno is more of a long snapper than a true FB. Not very athletic. Won't get drafted.
RobRang:: WR, RB, and OL are all possibilities, but it would likely take a great talent dropping into their lap and their DEs and CBs gone.
RobRang:: I’m impressed with Robert Douglas..
RobRang:: Douglas is just real intriguing. Good athlete. Will likely get drafted.
DrDiags:: So besides Douglas, any other FBs of interest?
RobRang:: Yes, forgot Jesse Lumsden. Interesting guy. Helped himself with a solid Shrine Game.
jammerhawk:: Iwas impressed with him that game he dominated
seahawkfan101:: Speaking of FBs could the Seahawks have any interest in drafting and switching Brandon Jacobs to FB?
jammerhawk:: Likely a very late pick or UDFA but is a strong runner.
RobRang:: Could see Seattle going for a FB late, but most likely as a free agent.
jammerhawk:: What about Nehemiah Broughton, from the Citadel as an athletic FB prospect?
RobRang:: Possibility.
RobRang:: Big kid, bigger than they usually like and not as true a lead blocker. This is a poor FB class.

dfarrar777:: Who of the LBs would you say the Sharper signing took off their list?
RobRang:: Took all LBs off the list for Round One. Sharper is so versatile, OLB and MLB still considered somewhat needs. Not nearly as much though. They still really like their depth, just are/were concerned about their starters.
FlyingGreg:: and we have lots of youth at LB -- Kouts, Lewis, White, Bentley

dfarrar777:: Gabe Franklin seems like a very interesting DB. Your take on him?
RobRang:: A little slower than they like, but is a possibility for the late, late rounds or FA

seahawkfan101:: Were do you see Channing Crowder going? In the First or is he a 2 or 3 round guy?
RobRang:: Crowder will not get drafted in the first round.
RobRang:: No way.
RobRang:: Another overrated guy and even if he was a first round player (he's not) the off-field stuff would drop him. That kid has a chance to drop like a stone.

ArosNET:: Rob, are there any specific sleepers you can think of that might peak the Seahawks interest next weekend?
RobRang:: How about 1-2 per position.
RobRang:: Jared Allen - Florida Atlantic, Ryan Fitzpatrick - Harvard - QBs
RobRang:: RBs
RobRang:: Arrington, Marion Barber for the earlier rounds
RobRang:: later rounds, remember guys like Ryan Moats (La Tech) and Derrick Wimbush ( Fort Valley St )

RobRang:: WRs
RobRang:: Craig Bragg (UCLA), Chad Owens ( Hawaii ), Jamaica Rector ( Northwest Missouri State ), Roydell Williams (Tulane)

RobRang:: TEs
RobRang:: Adam Bergen (Lehigh), Joel Dreesen ( Colorado state)

RobRang:: OL
RobRang:: Michael Roos (OT, Eastern Wash ), Frank Omiyale ( Tenn Tech), Junius Coston (C, North Carolina A&T)

RobRang:: DL
RobRang:: gonna do a couple more guys here because of obvious need for the Seahawks
RobRang:: mentioned tyler king, huckeba, ratliff earlier.
RobRang:: jovan haye (Vanderbilt)

RobRang:: DT
RobRang:: Alfred Malone ( Troy ), Mike Patterson (USC)
RobRang:: Castillo, as mentioned

RobRang:: LBs
RobRang:: Jordan Beck - Cal Poly, Alfred Fincher, UCONN, Cornelius Wortham (Alabama), Marques Harris (Souther Utah), Jon Goddard (Marshall), etc

RobRang:: this is overkill, huh guys?
jammerhawk:: Nice list though
dfarrar777:: DB sleepers will be most interesting.

RobRang:: The thing is - and this is something I want to make sure gets on the record (will get to DBs). This draft is goofy. Of the three teams I've talked extensively too in the last couple of days, their boards are ranking guys so differently. I've never seen a draft where teams are ranking guys so opposite of one another. Some teams are ranking a guy as a possible 1st rounder, others don't think he belongs on the first DAY.
RobRang:: It's crazy. So ranking sleepers is a little different than in years past. There will be some shocking picks of players that everyone calls "reaches" or "susprise falls," etc. Just all over the place.
ArosNET:: Someone is going to get a steal
jammerhawk:: Is that because the draft is deep with respectable but not outstanding players?
RobRang:: "respectable but not outstanding" I'm going to steal that one.

dfarrar777:: How likely do you think it is that SF or Miami will trade down? And is there any chance that Shaun Alexander is part of the latter equation...or another draft day trade?
RobRang:: Both would trade down if given a decent deal. There might be something in the works between Miami and Tampa Bay as we speak. One of the reasons I've been a little slow responding at times is answering my phone for this one...
RobRang:: Alexander - very unlikely. They'd like to trade him and I'm telling you right now, if someone offered them a 2nd round pick, he'd be gone. But no one is offering a thing because of the salary space he'll take up. Too many other RB options out there.

RobRang:: Surprised no questions as to who is going #1
RobRang:: It's going to be Alex Smith.
dfarrar777:: I don't know if there really IS a "#1" this year.

jammerhawk:: Could we trade up to snag Pollack?
RobRang:: Would be surprised to see Seattle trade up for Pollack.

dfarrar777:: Derrick Johnson opinion, if you have time.
RobRang:: I like Derrick Johnson, but think he could slip a bit too. Ultra productive. Reminds me a little of Derrick Brooks in his speed and instincts. Not real physical and misses more tackles than you'd think.

dfarrar777:: What do you think of Matt Jones and where do you see him taken? At what position do you think he'll fit best in the NFL?
RobRang::Jones is the big question of the draft. Some see him as a wide receiver, others as a tight end. We have consistently listed him among the tight ends. While I could see a team initially trying him at receiver, I'm not sure he has the quickness needed to get open on a consistent basis. Forget all of the talk of how he dominated the Senior Bowl. I was there. He caught some passes, probably less than any other "receiver" who was healthy all week long and except for the amazing one-handed catch in the endzone you'll see shown over and over on the draft telecast, he was mostly used as a checkdown option. Great tools, odd personality, the definition of a boom or bust pick. Could make the late first round with a team close enough to the Super Bowl (Pitt, Philly) to take a risk on a instant impact guy.

dfarrar777:: And who's YOUR favorite college player entering the draft this year, regardless of position?
RobRang:: Pollack. Without a doubt.
dfarrar777:: Hard to argue with that one.
jammerhawk:: I really like what he'd bring to the team and would spend a few of the ten picks for him
RobRang:: Kid flat plays his butt off. I wish I could put on the game film I have of him for everyone to watch. When you see him make big play after big play in crucial situations l ike he does, I just don't see how you can't love his game.
dfarrar777:: He's got a ridiculous motor.
jammerhawk:: So why all the “he's got short arms and isn't tall enough” stuff?
RobRang:: Because he's got short arms and isn't tall enough.
RobRang:: He doesn't match what the classic DE is supposed to have.
jammerhawk:: but he produces
RobRang:: Exactly.

ArosNET:: We would like to thank Rob as always for his generous time with us and answering our questions. Rob, any final thoughts? (and by all means plug your site!)
dfarrar777:: Rob...once again, we just can't thank you enough. So generous of you to do this so close to the draft.
RobRang:: Okay, quick shameless plug.
RobRang:: In all seriousness. You guys know I had my own site. Damn proud of my transition from just another guy to to
RobRang:: But this stuff is ridiculous.
RobRang:: When I saw what they were doing there, I had to jump on board or be swept aside. More and better stuff than any site I've ever seen and believe me, I've seen it all.
jammerhawk:: I agree you guys simply kick Butt
jammerhawk:: The best player profiles on the net, period.
RobRang:: Gotta give the profiles love to Dave Thomas
RobRang:: You know the free profiles of players on That's our Dave. Only the free stuff on is about 33% of what our profiles say. It really is pretty ridiculous stuff. I had to convince the editor to sell it to the public. Previously it went only to NFL teams and agents (for thousands).
dfarrar777:: He does the stuff? Wow.
RobRang:: Check the bottom of the profiles on

RobRang:: Ok, enough salesmanship. Thanks everyone for another great chat. This is the best fan site I know. Proud to be able to help.

jammerhawk:: Think Pollack Hawk fans. Pollack!
seahawkfan101:: Thanks Rob
DrDiags:: Thanks Rob!!
dfarrar777:: Thank YOU, Rob.
rockhawkx:: Thanks Rob
RobRang:: Thanks guys. Keep in touch...

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