Scout.Com 2005 Mock Draft VOL: 2

After the first wave of free agency, teams are starting to get out of the market and focus more on the NFL Draft to fill existing holes on their rosters. Several teams have extra selections in the first few rounds and more deals will come. TFY Draft Preview predicts what the first round would look like today.

Selection Player Pos
1- San Francisco 49ers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @  Alex Smith/Utah QB
Analysis: We're told the 49ers actually have Smith rated higher than Rogers so they'll go with him here.

Other Considerations: Braylon Edwards
2- Miami Dolphins - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ Ronnie Brown/Auburn RB
Analysis: He fills a need at one of the most important positions on offense. They would also love to trade down to acquire as many picks as possible since they have so many needs. If they stay at #2, Brown is the selection.

Other Considerations: Alex Smith if he would drop to them.

3- Cleveland Browns - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Braylon Edwards/Michigan WR
Analysis: They don't like from what we're told Rogers and since Smith is gone, they have Edwards at the best value on the board and they'll go with him.

Other Considerations: Alex Smith should he drop to them.

4- Chicago Bears - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Cedric Benson/Texas RB
Analysis: Offensive coordinator Ron Turner prefers the between the tackle runners who can handle a lot of work so Benson makes the most sense here.

Other Considerations: Carnell Williams.

5- Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Aaron Rodgers/California QB
Analysis: It comes down to Rogers and Carnell Williams but this draft is deep at running back so head coach Jon Gruden will look for one a little later on the first day of the draft.

6- Tennessee Titans - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Antrel Rolle/Miami-Fl CB
Analysis: Rolle gives them the size they're looking for at the position and he fills a big need.

Other Considerations: Mike Williams, Adam Jones.
7- Minnesota Vikings (Oak) - Full NFL Draft Coverage @  Mike Williams/USC WR
Analysis: He'll help replace Randy Moss. Other Considerations: Cedric Benson should he slip to them.

8- Arizona Cardinals - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Carnell Williams/Auburn RB
Analysis: It comes down to who is the better value at a need position. Keep in mind that head coach Dennis Green is more of an offensive minded coach.

Other Considerations: Adam Jones. If Antrel Rolle was still there, he could give them a hard choice to make because we're told they really like him.

9- Washington Redskins - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Adam Jones/West Virginia CB
Analysis: They get a player at a need position who also can work on special teams returns.

Other Considerations: Mike Williams if he dropped down.

10- Detroit Lions - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Derrick Johnson/Texas LB
Analysis: Tough call here. Johnson's the right choice as he's the best value.

Other Considerations: Shawne Merriman since they could use another pass-rushing end.

11- Dallas Cowboys - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Shawne Merriman/Maryland DE
Analysis: Solid selection no matter what front they're using.

Other Considerations: Troy Williamson, Derrick Johnson.

12- San Diego Chargers (Giants) - Full NFL Draft Coverage @

Troy Williamson/South Carolina WR
Analysis: Gives them a badly needed depth threat at the position.

Other Considerations: Alex Barron is a strong consideration here and he would eventually replace veteran OT Roman Oben.

13- Houston Texans - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Alex Barron/FSU OT
Analysis: He's a good value here and is an upgrade over OLT Seth Wand.

Other Considerations: Jammal Brown.

14- Carolina Panthers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Jammal Brown/Oklahoma OT
Analysis: Gives them help at a need position. They can keep veteran OL Mike Wahle inside with Brown in the fold.

Other Considerations: Barron if he slipped.

15- Kansas City Chiefs - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Carlos Rogers/Auburn CB
Analysis: Even if they acquire Patrick Surtain, Rogers should still start opposite him.

Other Considerations: Marcus Spears because of his versatility.

16- New Orleans Saints - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Thomas Davis/Georgia S
Analysis: They can play him at outside linebacker or at safety.

Other Considerations: Marcus Spears since he can play inside.

17- Cincinnati Bengals - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Marcus Spears/LSU DL
Analysis: Fills two needs as he can play inside or outside

Other Considerations: David Pollack since they could use another pass rusher.

18- Minnesota Vikings - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

David Pollack/Georgia DE
Analysis: They could use another pass rusher opposite Kenechi Udeze and they can use Pollack from a linebacker spot as well to rush the passer.

Other Considerations: Justin Tuck and Erasmus James.

19- St. Louis Rams - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Khalif Barnes/Washington OT
Analysis: Fills a big need at right tackle.

Other Considerations: Jammal Brown should he drop to them.

20- Dallas Cowboys (Buf) - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Brodney Pool/Oklahoma S
Analysis: Finally gives them help next to S Roy Williams.

Other Considerations: DeMarcus Ware since they could use another outside pass rusher.

21- Jacksonville Jaguars - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Dan Cody/Oklahoma DE
Analysis: Since veteran DE Marcellus Wiley can't be counted on for much, Cody gives them youth and talent at the position.

Other Considerations: Justin Tuck.

22- Baltimore Ravens - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Travis Johnson/FSU DT
Analysis: With the move to a 4-3 defensive scheme, Johnson should be an immediate starter.

Other Considerations: Mark Clayton as they could use some top-shelf talent opposite veteran WR Derrick Mason.

23- Seattle Seahawks - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ Seahawks.NET 

Demarcus Ware/Troy St OLB
Analysis: With veteran OLB Chad Brown on his last legs, Ware is a nice fit to replace him.

Other Considerations: Justin Miller since they could use depth at the position and he can work on special teams returns. Erasmus James, Matt Roth, and Justin Tuck as they need depth at end.

24- Green Bay Packers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Justin Tuck/Notre Dame DE
Analysis: They need pass rush help and Tuck could actually come in and start as a rookie.

Other Considerations: Erasmus James and Matt Roth.

25- Denver Broncos - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Erasmus James/Wisconsin DE
Analysis: Gives them badly needed youth at the position.

Other Considerations: Matt Roth.

26- New York Jets - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Justin Miller/Clemson CB
Analysis: They need a young cornerback Badly and Miller fits the bill well. His special teams return ability helps.

Other Considerations: Matt Roth considering the status of veteran DE John Abraham.

27- Atlanta Falcons - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Matt Roth/Iowa DE
Analysis: They could use a third end and veteran Brady Smith probably only has a year or two left.

Other Considerations: Mark Clayton.

28- San Diego Chargers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Shaun Cody/USC


Analysis: They're looking for a defensive lineman and Cody gives them some nice versatility there.

Other Considerations: Matt Jones because he gives them some size at receiver.

29- Indianapolis Colts - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Fabian Washington/Nebraska CB
Analysis: He helps fill a big need in the secondary.

Other Considerations: Marlin Jackson due to his ability to play safety as well.

30- Pittsburgh Steelers - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Heath Miller/Virginia TE
Analysis: They finally have a young and talented tight end after this selection.

Other Considerations: Matt Jones who would give them size at wide receiver.

31- Philadelphia Eagles - Full NFL Draft Coverage @ 

Mark Clayton/Oklahoma WR
Analysis: Gives them badly needed talent opposite Matt Jones and he's a class kid who head coach Andy Reid would like.

Other Considerations: We believe that they will wind up trading this pick but if they keep it, Matt Jones is another possibility to play receiver. He could be drafted to be an eventual replacement for Owens in a few years.

32- New England Patriots - Full NFL Draft Coverage @

Marlin Jackson/Michigan CB
Analysis: He gives them size and the versatility to play safety as well.

Other Considerations: Fabian Washington should he drop.

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