Patriots Draft Prospect: Jason Brown

<p>North Carolina senior center Jason Brown made a statement to the media Tuesday via teleconference on what he expects to happen surrounding this weekend's NFL Draft. You'll be surprised at what this potential Patriots draft pick had to say.</p><p> New England's line coach has spoken with Brown previously, even traveling to North Carolina to see him in person. Brown's pretty confident in his chances to be picked by the team. </p>

Brown: I'll Be Fishin'
UNC lineman talks about the Draft
By Andy Britt - Inside Carolina


"I'm a very open person, so I'm sure you wouldn't mind if I just shoot, right? Of course you know my name is Jason Brown, No. 72, I play center for the North Carolina Tar Heels. This coming Saturday is going to be one of the biggest days of my life. To tell you the truth, I am very, very, very uncertain as to where I'm going to go this Saturday. A lot of people ask, ‘Oh, you know, you must have some clue or inkling.' But to tell you the truth, it is a chess match and also a poker game with the NFL staffs. They invest millions and millions of dollars on recruiting, and why would they share that very, very important information with anybody. You see what I mean? So, the thing is, they're talking to my agent, my coaches, people in my family; and they're still doing background checks and asking questions a week before the draft. The thing is, I still have no clue. So I'm going to have to view in the same way that you all are going to have to view in, and see where I get drafted – and hopefully this Saturday on the first day. From everything that I've heard, I am a ‘first day guy.' Not a ‘first round guy,' because I don't think there will be any centers drafted in the first round. But ‘first day guy' – maybe second or third round. From several coaches and scouts that I've heard, if anybody sees me around on the second day, they will be very, very surprised.

"From there, you all know my preparation leading up to this point. I put up great performances last season out in Phoenix, Ariz., with Fisher Sports' great trainer out there, Brett Fisher. And then I put up great performances in the Senior Bowl and the NFL combine. And then at the pro timing day out here, I improved upon my ‘40' and got that down to a ‘5.2.' My ‘40' time as been a concern to them, and I'm not the fastest guy out there. But you know what? I can still get the job done better than most of them. They love a lot of things about me. They love my hip flexibility; they love my stability, my work ethic and my body. I'm very durable; I haven't missed a single game or practice in my four years here at the University of North Carolina. But also (they saw) my stability in my character. They love the fact that I'm married, I'm grounded and that I'm a mature young man. And, I also have various leadership qualities and I'm not afraid to challenge my teammates. A lot of teams – especially the New England Patriots – they look for those qualities in an athlete, because that's what makes them so much greater than the other teams, and that's why they have just the powerhouse that they have. They might not have the greatest athletes, but they have quality guys that are so strong and so mature that even if they lose a good guy, other teammates are going to rally and they're still going to hold the rope. That's one of the reasons why the New England Patriots are looking for a guy like me.

"I've had several individual workouts where offensive line coaches have flown into Chapel Hill to work me out here at school. They were offensive line coaches from the New England Patriots – he was the assistant head coach, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Cincinnati Bengals, and various other scouts from the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons…if there is a team out there, you name it and they probably had interest in me. Every single team out there knows about Jason Brown.

"With their being so many centers coming out this year, and with so many teams needing centers, it's so hard to say. Right about now, I'm still here in Chapel Hill. I'm still working out. I'm making time for you all – making time for newspapers, radio talk shows and making time for the kids by visiting various schools and churches in the community. I'm going to speak at a youth convention this Friday night – the night before the draft. Then I'm going to speak at my home church the day after the draft on Sunday. So, I'm still Jason Brown and I'm not going to change for nobody. I'm still going to be the same guy that you've known for the past four years. And, there is going to be the same Jason Brown for the next years to come. Like I said with my performance and what I've done previously…I've done everything in my power. And I've done everything that I can control. So you know what? I'm not worried a single bit about this Saturday, because the chips are going to fall where they are. All of the decisions this Saturday are going to be made solely by NFL teams – and also, ultimately – God. So I'm not stressed.

"Saturday, I'm going to be with my family in Henderson at my parents' home. It's going to be very small and very intimate, only with my immediate family members. I'm going to be fishing all day at the pond behind my house. I'm not going to be tuning into the television. I'm going to be watching poles. So I can be country boy and catch ‘em, clean ‘em and eat ‘em for dinner that night. That's just me. My dad is going to be on the grill probably burning up more food than he's cooking. My mom is going to be watching after my niece, Amber Brown, my brother's daughter. My sisters and my wife are also going to be there. That's the guest list. Very intimate; very small. No parties, just a lot of praying, and thanking God for what he's done for me and my family."

Who's going to be watching the TV?
"My mom will have the TV turned up loud enough so she can see. Mainly, you just have to stay near the telephone, because a team is going to contact you on the telephone before you ever see your name pop up on the television. Whoever takes me first, I'll say, ‘Yes sir,' because that is the team that is going to be paying my salary."

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