Patriots Trade Down

<P>In another surprise move, the Patriots traded their second round draft pick to the Baltimore Ravens for additional picks this year and one from next year. The team's draft strategy has many fans wondering what gives?</P>

Patriots Trade 2nd Round Pick to Ravens
By Patriots Insider Staff

The New England Patriots front office decided to pass on taking their pick in the second round (#64 overall). Instead they decided to trade that pick to the Baltimore Ravens for the Ravens 3rd round choice (#84) and 6th-round choice (#165) in this year's draft as well as the Raven's 3rd-round pick in 2006.

On the value chart that trade makes sense when measured by draft value. The question is, why did the Patriots pass on taking the linebackers they were looking at; Channing Crowder of Florida, Darryl Blackstock of Virginia or Kirk Morrison of SD State? Even Justin Tuck, the defensive end from Notre Dame was still on the board when the Patriots traded.

There is much speculation by the Pats fans in the forums..

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<RoDaddy> Yeah, that must be it. I see the Pats listed at picking 20th and 36 this round. That's okay - a very deep middle rounds this year, so this will be an interesting round. Plus we get another pick next year in the 3rd. I'm okay with it. Hell, Crowder and Brown might still be there at 20 this round!

<danklittle> I said Dallas and Cincy were A+

<stealthdog> The trading isn't done. They now have two 3rds, one 4th, two 5ths, two 6ths, and two 7ths. The Pats aren't going to draft that many guys.

<scottbe> when you have 3 major knee surgeries before you even get out of college, that can't bode well for your NFL durability

<RoDaddy> Let's face it, two guys BB won't draft are Crowder and Elton Brown. Why? Because it makes perfect sense!



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