Insiders: Q & A with Ellis Hobbs

Former Iowa State cornerback Ellis Hobbs has returned to Ames from a rookie minicamp in New England, where he got his first work in with his new team. The third-round pick in the NFL Draft shared his thoughts on the experience in Foxboro at Patriots camp. More on the Patriots latest draft pick who's just looking to make the roster with the Super Bowl champs.

Hobbs: #1 Goal is Making Team
Former Cyclone goes to work for his professional team.
By Bill Seals,

CN: Tell us about your rookie mini camp experience with the New England Patriots.

Ellis Hobbs:Being put into a competitive situation on the professional level, I think I did pretty well coming in. I tried to learn their way and schemes, and absorbed a lot of things mentally. Doing it all in three days I did pretty well. Obviously, I made mistakes here and there, more than I need to in the long run, but it will come together with time.

CN: What were the different things asked of you in New England than in your last four years at Iowa State?

Hobbs: As far as technique goes, you can't put your hands on the receiver as much and only have a limited amount of space to do it in – five yards. It seems like the Patriots have been condemned for the way they play defense. The referees are looking real hard at those guys. They tried to really emphasize that to me to let me know I can't do a lot of things that I was able to do in the past, as far as being physical. I can still be physical, but I have to do it in a more closed-off space.

Plus, there was the mental aspect of them wanting you to know a lot more. Just because you're on the outside edge of the ball doesn't mean that you're not involved in the defense as much as the other guys. You have to know a lot out there, because you're relaying a lot of messages into the linebackers and safeties.

CN: How do you feel that you improved your standing with New England?

Hobbs: You can't really judge that in three days. I think they have a confidence and believe they made a good pick when they picked me. But to just go out there and say they're that much more confident, I can't say that. It was only three days. I can't say my name is etched in stone as a New England Patriot. I'm going out there trying to prove myself. We'll have to wait and see.

Ellis Hobbs (11) is congratulated by defensive coordinator John Skladany
CN: Have you had any one-on-one conversations with the head coach or position coach to get a feel for where you stand?

Hobbs: No, and my expectation doesn't exceed making the team right now. That's my number one goal is to make the team. They don't have to sit down and talk to me about playing time and starting, because I don't want to hear that and don't need to hear that. My number one job is to make the team. They just taught me my job and I need to go out there and perform. I have no idea what they're thinking.

CN: Run us through the three days in New England, as far as the drills and technical work they put you through.

Hobbs: Just being professional about everything. Everything you do, it's a professional game. Take it as your job now, and you're not trying to lose your job or spot. With the drills, nothing was different as far as footwork and technique, but you're just doing more of it now. There is no school time or classes, so there is more meeting time and practices are longer. Practices are just like a regular two-a-days. The only difference is that everything emphasized times 10, and it's much longer. This is what you do – play football.

CN: Have you moved out to that area now, or are you still in Ames?

Hobbs: I'm just in Ames right now and will be leaving for good on Sunday. I'm just worrying about the transition right now. School is postponed right now.

CN: Do you have any more camps set up with the team over the spring or summer?

Hobbs: It's just offseason work. The team is in offseason mode right now. After we finish the offseason we will head straight into training camp.

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