Lions Plan To Be In "Middle" Of Law Negotiations

The Detroit Lions offseason plans include pursuit of a certain veteran cornerback once bidding opens for former U of M standout. Comments from team president Millen inside.

Matt Millen isn't the only one who says it, but he seems to be one of the leading believers in what has become accepted as a universal truth of NFL life: "You can never have enough corners."

Millen has made major free agent expenditures in each of the past two years -- landing Dre' Bly in 2003 and Fernando Bryant in 2004 -- and now it appears he's going to be active in the pursuit of former New England Pro Bowl cornerback Ty Law.

Law, 31, visited with Millen for several hours Tuesday at the Lions' headquarters in Allen Park, had a physical and, in general, seemed to stir a major interest in the Lions.

"I met with him for most of the morning and into the afternoon," Millen said. "We gave him a physical, just wanted to see where he's at physically and just let him know we're interested when he's ready to go."

Law, 31, is coming off a broken foot that kept him out of the Patriots' Super Bowl drive and required surgery in January. He reportedly has recently begun straight line running, but is still a few weeks away from making cuts and going all out.

The Patriots released Law in late February for salary cap reasons but that apparently will not diminish his asking price on the NFL market, assuming his foot heals properly and it is determined he will be able to compete at the same high level he has played for most of his 10 NFL seasons.

Millen did not indicated how Law would fit into their own salary cap situation, but said the Lions "should be right in the middle of it with anybody else" when negotiations begin.

In addition to Bly, a Pro Bowl starter the past two seasons, and Bryant, the Lions have at least four more cornerbacks who will be competing for playing time next season. That group includes second-year player Keith Smith, veterans Chris Cash and Andre Goodman and third-round draft pick Stanley Wilson.

But as Millen noted, you can never get too many corners. "Every time you turn around somebody gets hurt," he said.

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