Q & A - DeCori Birmingham: Part 2

Part One of PI's conversation with DeCori Birmingham revealed some of the running back's aspirations of making the roster and his successes as an Arkansas Razorback. In Part Two, DeCori talks about competition among the backs, his relationship with former teammate Cedric Cobbs, and his greatest college game.Scouts project Birmingham as a longshot to make the team, yet the Patriots are a team built with longshots.

Q & A - DeCori Birmingham: Part 2
By Rick Popolizio

According to NFL scouts, DeCori Birmingham could serve as a potential third round back, a backup wide receiver or a special teams player returning kicks in the NFL. However, the twenty-two year old undrafted Birmingham feels that he can make a mark in this league. As a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks, he amassed 3,610 total yards during his college career, the fifth highest Razorback total in history. Now the 5'10 210 pound Birmingham has his sights set on earning a spot on the Patriots roster for the 2005 season.

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PI: How is the competition with the other backs?

DB: As a running back group, there's competition there but right now it's more of a teaching thing. Mini camp is a time for us to learn the plays of offense. There is not real heated competition until we get the pads on. There is a good vibe going on. Everyone wants everyone else to do well. The level of competition isn't really there right now.

PI: You played with Cedric Cobbs in college with the Razorbacks. What is it like in camp with him?

DB: Yeah, we went to college together. I played with him for three years. It's really helpful because he's been there a year already and has a group on offense. He knows the area pretty well. He's like a big brother I can always call and ask about anything.

PI: What is it like competing against a former teammate?

DB: I mean, me and him have gone through that in college. We will compete against each other. We know that the best man is going to get that spot. The pats have great running backs already. We are going to push each other. Whatever I'm doing not so good, he will help me and same goes for him. We will push each other to do the best we can. It'll be just like old days.

PI: What do you plan on doing next, with training and workouts?

DB: We finished the off-season program. Me personally, I want to get a little stronger, get my conditioning where it needs to be. It's pretty good but can always get better. I'm trying to take advantage of my time up here and get accustomed to this game and this playbook.

PI: Have you been taking in the flavors of Boston?

DB: I've been to Boston and Providence a couple times. It's real fun up here. I like it. The scenery is so different from the country back home [in Texas]. There are a lot of great people here who love their patriots, and it's just really a fun place to be.

PI: If you had to compare yourself to one other NFL player, who would it be? Who might you like to turn out like?

DB: I really couldn't. There are so many good ones out there. From my experiences, it's always been me trying to be my own back. Every back has a piece of what others have. Me, I wouldn't really compare myself to any other back. They have all proven themselves, so I'm trying to get out there and make my own name for myself. There are so many great ones, but I don't necessarily want to be like any one back. I just want to have my name on that list [of greats] at some point.

PI: You had 3,610 all-purpose yards, which ranks fifth in Razorback history. What is your greatest memory in college football? In life?

DB: The Kentucky game obviously because it was the first time I could show coaches I was capable of being a division 1 running back. It was the greatest thing for me as far as being a collegiate player. In my life I've been so blessed to do the things that I've done. To play football at all different levels, I've had so many [memories], I'm just thankful to be here and do what I have to do.

PI: Where do you see yourself in five years?

DB: Who knows. The way it is now, it's so crazy. I'm going through something I never thought I'd be here. Hopefully I'll be married with children, owning a home, just kind of enjoy life. Hopefully I'll still be in NFL playing football. A lot of guys don't make it more than three years, so making it five would be great. For me, just being in the NFL playing ball is where I want to be.

PI: In ten years?

DB: That's a long way off. I'll be 32 years old and definitely married with children. I'd like to still be in NFL ten years from now. I know a lot of guys like Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice had longevity in this game. Maybe I'll own a couple businesses, stuff like that. But definitely I'll be married in 10 years.

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