Patriots Report: More Posturing By Postons?

The Postons are at it again. This time, they're promoting the return of an "almost 100%" healthy Ty Law. If it weren't for the press they're already receiving over the whole KW2 incident, one might think its a ploy to get their names in the papers again PI looks at the Postons latest attempt to drum up interest in the former Patriot.

More Poston Posturing?
By Patriots Insider Staff

The agent for Ty Law, Carl Poston released an update on the health status of the former Patriots cornerback. The update is that Law is recovering well and is now running. Reportedly, Poston claims Law is nearing 100% health and has started making cuts, something he has been unable to do since having his walking boot removed.

Whether or not Law is fully recovered, teams will be putting the cornerback through drills to find out just what Poston's definition of healthy is. With Law's expected contract demands likely to require a signing bonus of over $15 million, any team willing to make that kind of commitment will want to make sure they're not buying damaged goods.

Poston claims there are a number of teams interested in his client in spite of all the concerns about the contract and Law's health. He went on record telling the Boston Globe that he heard Friday from Jacksonville, which is a newcomer to the mix. The other teams Poston claims are interested include the Jets, Dolphins, Steelers, Chiefs and Colts.

What Poston neglected to mention is: the teams considered the hottest bidders have either dropped out or noticeably backed away from the competition for Law's services.

Former Suitors

Cleveland has backed away knowing that Law's contract would derail some of the progress they are making toward cleaning up Butch Davis' mess. When asked about salary constraints recently, GM Phil Savage, indicated he'd rather save money this year, Savage opined "I wish we could fast-forward through the season, so we could really zero in on what we're going to do next season." After jettisoning 4 starters on the defensive front, and losing or cutting 3 more in the secondary, it's hard to think a healthy Law would be enough. Savage apparently agrees,"Right now, I'm thinking we would be better served to save some of our money for next year."

Detroit signed R.W. McQuarters last week, effectively shoring up their needs at corner. Although Lions GM Matt Millen is on record indicating he'd still be willing to take a chance on a healthy Law, he opted for the safer route by signing a known quantity in McQuarters. McQuarters will compete with Dre Bly and Fernando Bryant. The Lions really don't need Law unless he comes as a bargain.

Kansas City, where Law made one of his first public appearances on the radio shortly after his release, is cooling on the prospect of adding Law. Chiefs Head coach Dick Vermeil answered “Not that I know of,” when asked if Ty Law was expected to make another visit to town. Kansas City was considered interested in Law when the market first opened for his services, but their trade with the Miami Dolphins for Patrick Surtain and the front office's recent comments indicate they're mildly interested at best.

What's Next

Poston is looking for a contract on par or significantly better than the $26 million 4-year deal the Patriots had on the table when the Law camp deemed the offer "an insult." It's likely the only teams with the cap room available to make an offer in that range would be Colts and the Jaguars, with the Colts having to sort out Edgerrin James' contract first.

The negotiations with the Patriots originally started with the Postons asking for Champ Bailey money, believed to be in the vicinity of 7-years $63 million. It's hard to picture any team willing to give a 31-year old defensive back a seven year deal.

When asked whether or not Law could get a long-term deal, Poston told The Globe, ''I believe that's available to Ty."

Time will tell.

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