Patriots Fathers Day Newswire

For football fans, Fathers Day is the height (or lowlight) of the offseason depending upon how one looks at it. Fans who border on obsessive in their quest for the latest information about their team find it to be an opportunity to turn to other sports to find live and exciting news.

Fortunately, the middle of the summer provides plenty of options. Options many fathers who are at home relaxing can switch to at the click of a remote or a click of a mouse. It's the middle of baseball season, the NBA season is wrapping up with the finals, NASCAR is in full swing and motorcycle enthusiasts have a local event they can tune into, Laconia bike week, also known as the 82nd annual Loudon Classic at New Hampshire International Speedway.

To be drawn in to other sports is an enjoyable respite from the constant updates of offseason football news. This Fathers Day PI will take a break as well. No more reporting on which players were at camp, what is happening, or more importantly NOT happening, with player contracts, what rule changes there will be, even the occasional mishap for a superstar.

PI will not be bringing you the latest in the FredEx saga, or the TO - McNabb dispute. There will be no "America's Team" bashing going on, nor will there be yet another Ty Law sighting. You will not be seeing any of that here today.

Today, like many other fathers, we will be taking it easy. We'll be looking for some inspiring stories on the TV, we'll spend time with our family reading the morning paper, having a cup of coffee and maybe, just maybe, think about taking a nap in the hammock after we mow the lawn.

In the meantime, while we're relaxing with our cup-o-Joe, here are a couple New England Patriots related Fathers Day stories.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and his daughter Amanda spent time with NFL Network's Jennifer Allen, talking about their father-daughter relationship. It's a realplayer video, so you'll need to install REALPLAYER if you don't already have it. < Belichick video link >

In another story one of the more tragic moments in Patriots history is a thing of the past for Darryl Stingley and his son Derek. The Macon Telegraph captures some of the life of Darryl and Derek in a story titled "His father's son".

For the diehards, there are more Patriots stories on the Newswire.

Jerome Solomon hashes together a bunch of snippits in his "Reading between the lines" including a blurb on players websites and another on P.K. Sam for Sunday's Boston Globe.

Mike Reiss takes a look at the travels of Patriots GM Scott Pioli as he heads out to visit with Indians manager Mark Shapiro in his piece "Respect carries from football to baseball".

Maybe when we wake up from our afternoon nap, we'll post another update this afternoon. Then again, it's Fathers Day, so maybe we'll just kick back and hang out in the forums with other Patriots fans.

Fans are sharing their thoughts on Fathers Day on the message boards where NEsince92 provides some personal thoughts on Fathers Day, and dispenses this sound advice:

"... even if you haven't talked to your father in years, call him... and let him know that you're still here, doing whatever it is that you do. And tell him to have a good Father's Day. You never know when you you're not going to have that option anymore."

Thank You NEsince92.

Enjoy the day.

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