Patriots Fantasy Five

In this new feature, looks at the top five questions for all 32 teams that fantasy football participants will have to face in their drafts this summer.

New England Patriots

1. Is QB Tom Brady worth drafting as a starter or backup?

It seems that in early fantasy drafts, Brady is going about mid-way in each draft. That seems a little low for a quarterback who has been as productive as he has since he took over the starting job in 2001.

While questions remain about the play calling with the departure of offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, Brady will have plenty of good options to work with at receiver and tight end. With that said, he looks like a pretty solid fantasy starting quarterback in our eyes.

2. Can RB Corey Dillon repeat last year's success? Dillon got his wish and got out of Cincinnati prior to last and joined a winning team. What most didn't know was how much he had left in the tank. As it turned out, he had a full tank left.

Dillon wound up running for over 1,600 yards (career high) and that was with missing a game and parts of others. He does turn 31 in late October but if last year shows us anything, he looks to be a pretty solid fantasy back this season.

3. Is WR Deion Branch worth drafting as a quality fantasy starter? If the last two Super Bowl performances are any indication, Branch could be ready for a big season. Last year, he suffered through a knee injury for over half the season and never really got going. Now healthy, Branch should be a pretty solid fantasy starter but how good is the question.

4. Is WR David Terrell worth drafting? Terrell will be only competing for a roster spot in camp but if he performs well, he could secure the No.3 role. That role, in years past, has seen some fantasy production but not enough for that player to put in your lineup in a consistent basis. You might look at him as late round pick for depth.

5. With LB Tedy Bruschi deciding not to play this season, is their fantasy defense still starter worthy? We should also add that defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is gone so not having him and Bruschi, who is like an on the field coach, could be a problem. But head coach Bill Belichick is the architect of this defense and new coordinator Eric Mangini has worked with it for many seasons so there shouldn't be a drop-off.

The loss of Bruschi is going to be big, how big remains to be seen but we still would draft them as a fantasy starter.

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