Q & A With Patriots Rookie Robbie Gould

Patriots training camp is in it's second week with players learning the playbook, running drills and practicing in a humid conditions. PI took a few moments to follow up with one of the team's rookies who spoke to us earlier about his chances of landing a roster spot. PI Reporter Rick Popolizio provides this report from rookie kicker Robbie Gould.

PHOTO: New England Patriots rookie kicker Robbie Gould kicks off during team training camp, July 31, 2005 (Photo/PatriotsInsider.com)

Q & A With Patriots Rookie Robbie Gould
By Rick Popolizio

Q: How was time off?

RG: It was good. It was nice to see the family. I relaxed and worked out a lot. Got ready to start camp.

Q: What did you do while at home? Training?

RG: I just lifted and ran. The same routine I would have done at camp. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. I did a lot of kicking, but the running wasn't quite as heavy. I just tried to kick and get ready for camp.

Q: How have the first few days of training camp gone?

RG: They've gone really well. It's a learning process for me. I've come a long way each day. Hopefully things will work out but if not [New England] will be a place where I have learned a lot. I've had fun and that's really all you can do, is have fun.

Q: What has changed since mini camp?

RG: Nothing really. A lot has been pretty much the same, with the kickoffs and field goals. I have tried to make myself better and get ready for the first preseason game. That's how I'm taking this preseason camp, go out , have fun, and do my best and try to make the team. A lot of it is just sticking with it, learning from Adam, and taking in what the coaches have to say.

Q: What are you seeing with the guys? Could you give me an "insiders update" on camp?

RG: Everyone's doing pretty well. People come and go. You see some of your friends leave and you wish them the best of luck. All you can do is to do the best you can to make the team because it could be your turn [to go]. We all want to make the team better.

Q: Would you say you stick together/bond with the small guys? I know you mentioned that you hang around with long snapper Lonnie Paxton and Adam Vinatieri a lot. Anyone else? Are the special team guys their own group?

RG: I do hang around with Lonnie, Adam and Josh. We are together most of the time in meetings. I hang around the rookies a lot too. We are trying to just enjoy it. It's great meeting people from different places and universities. Nobody excludes anybody from certain groups. We all just hang out and have fun and I think that's why the team has been so successful.

Q: Lonie has assumed a role that most people don't consider all that important, and thus his name has gone under the radar. Yet, he has been a key component during many clutch game winning field goals by Vinatieri. Does his small, but yet big role have any effect on how you might view your role with this team?

RG: He does punting and field goals, but he's also gotta snap. If his operation doesn't go quite right, everyone else has to work hard to pick him up. He's a great snapper and he's helped to win Superbowls. He deserves a lot of credit. The hold, kick and snap is always very important and the key component is to have success at special teams. It's one of those things where you have to say to yourself, Josh, Adam and Lonie were all free agents at one point. They all give me motivation to keep striving and to never give up. You want to take what they do mentally and physically and incorporate it into your game. Everyday I try to pick up stuff from them and incorporate it into my routine.

Q: Would you be disappointed to play a similar role? Perhaps playing on the practice squad or another reserve role?

RG: I definitely wouldn't mind doing that because obviously the coaches would see something in me, potential, so if that's where I have to start, that's it. Either way I'm around great guys, great people, and I am getting great coaching and I'll learn my trade better all year. And it's a lot better than sitting around home all year. So whatever I have to do to start out in order to reach my goal will be perfectly fine with me.

Q: Have you heard anything from the team regarding your future?

RG: No, not up to this point. I'm taking it day by day. If I do well enough day in and day out, hopefully I will make it. If not, maybe someone else will see something they like and it will work out somewhere else.


New England Patriots rookie kicker Robbie Gould (3) watches his kick during team training camp, July 31, 2005. Gould has shown solid skills in his first trainign camp as he works on his techique.
(Photo/ PatriotsInsider.com)


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