Audio Files: Doug Flutie On Coming To N.E.

New England Patriots quarterback Doug Flutie spent a few minutes speaking with reporters about his decision to return to New England versus heading up to Canada. Flutie answers some of those questions among others in this soundclip from Patriots training camp.

Audio Files: Doug Flutie Talks About Coming Home
By Patriots Insider Staff

The following is an audio link to a recorded conversation with Doug Flutie and a group of reporters on the field after practice at Patriots training camp. Patriots Insiders were there and this is a snippet from their audio archives.

You will need Windows Media Player in order to listen to the following clip. If you do not have Windows Media Player you can download the latest version at

If you have trouble opening the file, right click the link and save to your desktop, then open the file in media player directly. We find that circumvents a lot of WMA issues.

Doug Flutie Audio

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