Patriots Fans Weigh In On Team's Woes

Last Sunday's performance against the San Diego Chargers was an ugly scene. Players were upset, fans were upset, and Bill Belichick was so mad, his post game press conference was anything but the place to be. Pats fans weighed in during the week on the loss, and graded the team's performance, all things considered. You'll be surprised what grades they gave the team.

Patriots Fans Weigh In On Team's Woes
By Patriots Insider Staff

Patriots Insider asked New England Patriots fans what they thought of the game last Sunday vs the San Diego Chargers, and they let us know what they thought went wrong. Some of the comments were well deserved by the team after they blew a tie game to allow the Chargers to score 24 unanswered points in the second half.

Fans were asked to "Grade the team" and provide a reason for their assessment.

Here's a sampling of what they had to say:

"FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,is there an F+, they better come up with more energy against the falcons, we will see what they are made of." - Dominicanthug

"Charger fan here. I gave 'em a B. I think they did all they could but there's at least some factoring in of the injury situation. Then again the Chargers haven't been a team to be afraid of. That could change now. Anyway, keep the heads up. You have the best coach in the league. He will straighten this out." - thrill2death

"I give them a C. I liked what I saw in the first half. Our offense had no problem moving the ball. The second half was ugly. Tomlinson ran all over our front 7. What happened to the 4-3? I think I only saw that formation twice! It is obvious that we cannot stop the run in the 3-4. I understand that Seymour wasn't at 100%, but why not put Willie on the end? Where were the adjustments? Oh yeah... they were in the visitor locker room." - NEsince92

"I gave a D. The first half was pretty much expected, Then after half time, it was like a different team. The secondary was beyond terrible. Starks is not getting it done. The defensive line wasn't much better. No running game again. Brady was the only highlight. This was one of the worst pats games I've seen on along time. The colts are 4-0 and unless something changes there gonna run away with home field." - wvsabbath

"How good the grade be anything but an F? They were completely dominated and humiliated in the second half. The biggest problem is that they don't have anyone left who can cover anyone so when the D-line doesn't get any pressure (like yesterday) the secondary is going to get picked apart. Peyton Manning must be licking his chops right about now." - woodyee

"A game is played for 60 minutes. F" - Killerb58

"I'm sorry guys. The Patriots were just outmatched against the best all around running back and best tight end in the league. I think they played up to their potential and I think I could only give them an F if they fielded a better defense, but considering who they had on the defensive side they played to their ability and preparation. I give BB an F though, with that said." - TealSox

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