Patriots - Broncos: Unusual Injury Report

The injury report for the New England Patriots at the Denver Broncos looks to be more of a statement by the Patriots head coach about last week's game vs the Falcons than a typical report from Foxborough. Last week Falcons coach Jim Mora changed Michael Vick's status around when there was very little chance he would play. Vick ended the report on Friday as probable. It appears Belichick was not amused and for the first time in a long time, submitted a highly unusual positive injury report.

Injury Report: Patriots Vs Broncos
By Patriots Insider Staff

The Injury list as of Wednesday 4:00pm:


New England Patriots:
OUT RB Kevin Faulk (foot); T Matt Light (ankle); CB Chad Scott (shoulder-placed on injured reserve)
PROBABLE LB Tully Banta-Cain (knee); QB Tom Brady (right shoulder); WR Troy Brown (foot); LB Matt Chatham (knee); RB Corey Dillon (ankle); CB Randall Gay (ankle); DE Jarvis Green (shoulder); DE Marquise Hill (ankle); LB Larry Izzo (thigh); LB Willie McGinest (finger); CB Tyrone Poole (ankle); S James Sanders (ankle); S Guss Scott (knee); DE Richard Seymour (knee); CB Duane Starks (thigh)

Listed players who did not participate in "team" practice:
(Defined as missing any portion of 11-on-11 team work)
WED: LB Tully Banta-Cain; WR Troy Brown; LB Matt Chatham; RB Corey Dillon; RB Kevin Faulk; CB Randall Gay; DE Jarvis Green; DE Marquise Hill; LB Larry Izzo; T Matt Light; LB Willie McGinest; CB Tyrone Poole; S James Sanders; S Guss Scott; DE Richard Seymour; CB Duane Starks

Denver Broncos:
QUESTIONABLE CB Roc Alexander (hamstring); CB Champ Bailey (hamstring); LB
Louis Green (hamstring)
PROBABLE RB Tatum Bell (toe); G Cooper Carlisle (ankle); S Nick Ferguson

Listed players who did not participate in "team" practice:
(Defined as missing any portion of 11-on-11 team work)
WED: n/a


OUT: Definitely will not play.
DOUBTFUL: At least 75 percent chance will not play.
QUESTIONABLE: A 50-50 chance will not play.
PROBABLE: Virtual certainty that player will be available for normal duty.


The early injury report for the Patriots matchup against the Broncos appears to be a reflection of New England's unhappiness with the farce Atlanta Coach Jim Mora Jr. foisted upon the league last weekend when he listed Michael Vick as probable, changing his status twice before the game. Comments made by both Mora and Vick, since the weekend have lent credence to the belief that Mora was toying with the rules when he reported that the Falcon's signal caller might actually play on Sunday.

League rules require that teams provide a reasonably accurate assessment of their players on an injury report. The report allows opposing teams to have a reasonably accurate assessment of how to prepare for an opponent, especially one as dangerous as Atlanta when their superstar quarterback is expected to play. The issue at hand, is that Mora, and Vick both agree there was little chance Vick would see the field against New England.

Probable status means "virtual certainty" the player will play according to a league source. So why list Vick as probable, and indicate he practiced during the week? Obviously, Mora wanted to gain an advantage by pushing the limits of accountability with the injury report to keep Belichick and the Patriots off-balance.

Had the Patriots known they would face Matt Schaub, they likely would have prepared differently. Michael Vick is a one-of-a-kind superstar who can make plays with his feet, as well as he can by throwing the ball. Had the Patriots been able to better plan, they may have been able to slow down the Falcons passing attack, which reserve QB Matt Schaub executed so perfectly.

The Patriots this week decided that instead of listing all their injured players as questionable, with the only probable being Tom Brady, they would mix things up. In what appears to be Belichick's desire to voice his displeasure, the Patriots have listed every player as either out (expected) or probable (unexpected).

A case could be made that many on the list are questionable at best (a 50-50 chance to play). The report is vastly different than the typical Patriots injury report, something which could cause additional scrutiny by the league. As one source put it to PI; If they didn't do anything about Atlanta screwing with the report, they won't do anything about New England.

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