Brady Inspires Awe In Opponents

The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn't always get the kind of credit he deserves in the media. Sure he gets a little bit of praise here or there, but not the kind of awe normally associated with the best in the history of the league. What these pundits aren't recognizing publicly, is that Brady inspires awe among his competitors. From defensive backs, to linebackers and even the coaching staff, Brady is arguably the best there is.

Brady Inspires Awe In Opponents
By Jon Scott, Patriots Insider

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is making defensive coordinators around the league sick, literally. The Patriots offensive outburst this season has come through the air as Tom Brady continues to pick apart even the best laid plans of the opposition.

Last week Falcon's head coach Jim Mora Jr. referred to Brady as a hall of famer. "We might as well just induct him now," Mora said. "He's going there anyway." This after Brady lit up the Falcons secondary to the tune of 350 yards. Brady engineered another late game winning drive in the final minutes against an Atlanta defense powerless to stop him.

This week it was Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Larry Coyer's turn to praise Brady. If anyone is going to make the much-improved Denver defense look bad, Coyer knows it will be Brady.

"All you've got to do is watch him throw outs and deep balls, it makes you puke," Coyer said. "He can throw the ball. What you're going to have to do against this guy is you're going to have to defend him because he's not going to miss them."

Coyer is right; Brady is having a career year having already amassed 1,522 yards in 5 games. Brady is on pace to set new personal career numbers by throwing the ball (4,870 yards). At that rate, Brady will pass Peyton Manning, widely considered the best passing quarterback in the game. Manning's best career season was in 2004 when he passed for 4,557 yards and broke Dan Marino's longstanding record of most touchdowns in a season, pushing the new mark to 49.

"Their quarterback is right at the top. If there is somebody better than Peyton Manning and him, it's going to be hard to prove it to me," Coyer continued. "It's no accident that (The Patriots) have won Super Bowls."

New England will face a Denver Broncos defense ranked as one of the best in the league against the run (5th overall), but not so sound against the pass (25th overall). The absence of defensive back Champ Bailey in the Denver secondary will only make Coyer's job that much more difficult.

Brady has managed to connect with every receiver on the active roster for a pass reception of 30 yards or longer this season, including the tight ends. His record-setting pace will allow the receivers to post career numbers as well, an impressive feat considering Brady has connected with nine different receivers including his tight ends. The only players he's connected with who don't have a 30-yard reception to their credit are the running backs.

The Broncos understand that in order to beat the Patriots they need to make them one-dimensional. Up till now that has meant stopping running back Corey Dillon and the Patriots ground game. Other teams have found out that might not be the best strategy. When teams have loaded up against the run, it has created opportunities for Brady to do his damage through the air.

If the Broncos are to be successful, they will need to rely on their young defense backs. The Broncos are actually starting two rookie cornerbacks now that Bailey is out. If Tom Brady can put up 350 yards plus against a good defense with a solid defensive backfield, imagine what he can expect to do against the young inexperienced defensive backs of the Broncos.

Darrent Williams, one of those young Denver defenders, sums it up nicely on the Broncos official site.

"It's one of those things where, after the game, you'll be like, 'I just played against Peyton Manning,' or, 'I'm about to play against Tom Brady.'" Williams said. "Right now, I'm not looking at it like that. I'll wait until after the game, and I'll be like, 'I just got off the field with Tom Brady.'"

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