They Said It: Bills Post Game Quotes

The Buffalo Bills fought hard, dominating their division rival the New England Patriots in every way on Sunday night at Foxborough That just wasn't enough to get the job done however as the Patriots managed to create a turnover which led to a touchdown to put New England on top late in the game. It was a game changing play, which setup the Bills for a bitter defeat in a game they firmly hand in hand. Here are some of the comments from Bills players after their loss.

They Said It: Bills Post Game Quotes

Mike Mularkey, Coach
(On losing after controlling the game)
Very disappointed. You've got to learn how to finish games off. We played well enough for that long, but against teams of this caliber that have been in big games, you can't give them a breath and we did, and they took advantage of it. It's not surprising.

(Did you feel like you weren't finishing them off all game long?)
No, I felt like we were doing a pretty good job. We came in at half time and we knew it was going to be a fight back and forth. It played out exactly like I thought it was. I never had that feeling once, not until the end of the game when I thought we had a let down.

(On Colvin's sack and fumble recovery)
We had a breakdown and they took advantage of it. I'm not going to point fingers at anybody. If you want to point fingers, point them at me.

(Are you disappointed with the breakdowns at key situations?)
I'm actually proud of these guys. I'm frustrated for them, not at them. I think we took a step forward tonight. We overcame a lot of adversity coming into this game where everyone and their brother counted us out and until the last five minutes, I was pretty proud of how we reacted to all that adversity.

(On red zone performance)
We need to score touchdowns. We had a chance early on in the game and that would have been a big momentum builder for our team. We've got to make some plays down there and get points when we get that opportunity.

(Was tonight the best play calling you have done all year)
I'd say it's probably the best execution of plays. It's a matter of being consistent with making some plays happen and unfortunately we just came up short. I thought Kelly made some great throws, made some good decisions on some things and gave us a chance to win with some of the throws.

Kelly Holcomb, Quarterback
(On losing game after having control for most of game)
It was very disappointing. Offensively, we pretty much had our way. We've just got to get in the end zone; we can't keep kicking field goals. We've got to make plays and we didn't do that.

(On sack and fumble)
I don't know, we'll have to watch it on film. On replay, it looked like the guy just came free. I don't know if we blocked it differently or what we did. We'll have to look at it on film and see what happened. They covered it pretty well, if I had a split second more, I think I could have hit Eric (Moulds).

(On fourth down and 7 at end of game)
I was trying to get the ball to Roscoe (Parrish). I thought I was going to have him pre-snap, but then the corner sloughed off and the safety came over and they were doubling him. If I threw the ball, it was going to be intercepted. My thinking was to get Eric (Moulds) the ball and let him try and make a play.

(Do you chalk up the way the game finished to the fact they are two-time defending world champs?)
We helped them with the fumble. The fumble was the game. If we could have just taken a little bit of time off the clock; the way we were going up and down the field, I think we could have got some more time off the clock. When you fumble the ball and leave them that short of field, they are the world champions and they are going to make plays. That was a big play.

(On offensive holding on 3rd and 5 in fourth quarter)
Yeah, I don't understand that. At the crucial part of the game, it was a critical first down. Eric made a good play getting open and we'll have to look at it on film. Obviously it was blatant, but that's a tough situation to call that. I think you've got to let them play.

(On impact of Ted Bruschi)
Obviously he had an effect. He's the heart and soul of that defense. He had an effect on the crowd too, when he came out before the game. But that motivated them for the first part of the game, but when you get in a series or two of the game, that's forgotten and you've got to play football.

(On ball control)
They have a good offense, world champions last 3 out of 4 years, and they can move the ball. We wanted to try and eat up the clock and for the most part we did that all day. But when you get in the red zone, you've got to get touchdowns you can't kick field goals. We had our opportunities to make touchdowns and we didn't do it.

Eric Moulds, Wide Receiver
(On pass interference call)
I don't think I did, but the official saw something I didn't see. Even the New England guy was saying we got away with one that time. It was a crucial time in the game and at that point, I thought we would have been able to just play.

(On fourth and eight play at end of game)
The play was designed to make them suck up on me, but they didn't. I felt that I could have broke a tackle and made a play. They did a great job of running to the ball. It was a play we would have liked to have back. It's a situation where we can say what we should have done, but we didn't.

(On letting the game get away)
It's frustrating because we had the lead for most of the game then we had some turnovers and they capitalized on them.

Josh Reed, Wide Receiver
(On return of Ted Bruschi and effect on crowd involvement in game)
I don't think we let them get that much into the game. It could have been that they were running on a lot of emotions. They just played a real good game tonight. We kept the crowd out of it as much as we could. We had some penalties and they were able to make plays in the end.

Troy Vincent, Defensive Back
(On loss)
We got close, but we didn't get it done. The champions found a way to win in the end and we found a way to let it slip away.

Willis McGahee, Running Back
(Asked if he thinks he did everything they needed to do to win the game)
I don't know what happened, I guess we just lost our composure in the end. They found a way to come back and pull it out.

(On loss)
It hurt. We had them beat all the way throughout the whole game. When it came down to finishing, we didn't.

(On his performance)
The yards were there but they still played good defense. They played like champs and they came through.

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