They Said It: Patriots Post Game Quotes

The emotion was high, the adrenaline was pumping and the New England Patriots managed to survive a heated battle with their division rival Buffalo Bills on the night one of their on-the-field heroes Tedy Bruschi returned to the team. The Patriots survived a late game drive by the Buffalo to preserve their lead and win 21-16 to take control of the AFC East. Here are some of the comments from Patriots players after their win.

They Said It: Patriots Post Game Quotes

Bill Belichick, Coach
(On the win over the Bills)
Well, it was a good win for our football team. We are really proud of the guys. They hung in there, down by nine with, whatever it was, eight minutes to go in the game or something like that, and to come back and then get the lead and even have the ball with a couple of minutes to go, a lot of things went in our favor. We made some big plays when we needed to and it was a good win for us.

(On the teams reaction to having Tedy Bruschi back)
I think everybody is happy to see him back out there. Everybody has to do their own job. I think we all have to work hard and prepare to do our jobs. We can't just rely on him to show up. There is a lot more to it than that. But it's great to have him back, don't get me wrong. He is a good player.

(On the Bills gaining close to 400 yards but only 16 points)
That's the bottom line. Obviously, we gave up an easy touchdown there when we left (Eric) Moulds wide open down the middle of the field. That wasn't very well done. But they got the ball on the short field a couple of times and we were able to hold them to field goals. That puts a lot less pressure on the offense when you don't have to go out there and try to score 35 points.

Tom Brady, Quarterback
(On the impact Tedy Bruschi had on the team)
He's going to be sore tomorrow. He is going to be tired and sore. I'm sure he'll be the first one to tell you that. But everyone was energized with that. Tedy is one of a kind. There is no other player on the team like him.

(On Deion Branch's performance for the night)
I'm never shocked with anything Deion does. He's done a great job all year, and he made three of the most critical plays in the game. So I always try to get him the football. Whenever you threw it to him, he catches it.

Tedy Bruschi, Linebacker
(On how it feels to be back)
It feels good. You know, I'm back to doing what I love. And to get this game under my belt meant a lot to me in terms of just playing again, for one. First and foremost, I am happy we won the game. Relief, because there was so much going on going into this, and so much I had to do coming into this game and jumping into the season in the sixth week into the season, you know, after I got activated off PUP, the seventh week of the year is something I have never done before. So relief, you know, just feeling good about the win. Glad to be back playing football and all those things.

(On what special moment that occured in his first game back)
Making my first tackle. You know, I think it was on the second or third play of the game maybe. I don't know when it was and making a tackle and I guess one time when there was a pile, there was a pile and I was on the bottom of a pile, and knowing my wife was watching me, to get up fast, it was to get up as fast as I could. Because I am the guy that gets up slow usually, you know, it is just the way I am. I get up slow, you know, take inventory. But having a little bit of background with what I went through, I am going to try to get up a little faster.

On the impact he thinks he had on his teammates)
The guys are really good about just telling me privately about what it meant to them. And they have, I mean Tom (Brady), Jarvis (Green), Deion (Branch), all the guys that even came and saw me in the hospital at the Mass General until now, the support I get from (Mike) Vrabel and Willie (McGinest), I have got a lot of support from Ted (Johnson) during my time too. You know, it was my teammates are really a part of my family because, shoot, I mean you're around people so much and so long every day. You know, the football season, we're here more than we are at home. And they are truly like my family to me and they have been supportive to me just like my family has.

Eugene Wilson, Safety
(On holding the Bills to three field goals instead of TD's)
That was real big, real key. Our defense was out there for a while, but to be out there that long and then just get away with three is good. We would rather have none, but they got real close to the goal line a couple times and we held them. We were happy to get off the field with three. We made a lot of plays but we made mistakes as well. Any win is positive though. We kept fighting and it paid off for us. It was real tough but that is why we are a team.

(On the return of Bruschi)
That was great. The enthusiasm was up. The crowd was into the game and it was great to have him back. First of all, he brings intensity. He is a great linebacker and he did a good job today. I am glad he finished the game strong. He seemed like he didn't miss a step. He jumped right in there and did a good job. I was really happy for him, he deserves it and the fans know that too. I don't think I ever heard the fans that loud.

Jarvis Green, Defensive Line
(On the return of Bruschi)
It was great, I heard him behind me screaming and making calls. Every time he made a play you heard the fans yelling and that pumped us up. When we came out, to hear the appreciation the crowd has for him, it felt warm inside of me. People said he couldn't come back, he couldn't be back after what happened but he was out there hitting, full contact. He is the same old guy. He was right on point. I am just happy that he is back and he can continue his dream of what he wants to do.

(On the turning point of the game)
The interception, that was the big play. The Bills were looking to score again and the interception got us back into it.

Tim Dwight, Wide Receiver
(On his catch by the goal line)
It was just a little hitch that we run and Tom (Brady) threw a nice ball. I tried to get it in the endzone, but I was glad I got it down near and then we punched it in.

(On the offense coming together late in the game)
We stuttered and stuttered and stuttered and then we got going and made the plays. You cannot turn the ball over and we did that. They are a solid defense and gave us a heck of a game.

Deion Branch, Wide Receiver
(On his big plays)
We all have games like this. I just have to capitalize when my number is called just like David (Givens) does when his number is called. We would be fortunate to have a game where we get 8 or 9 catches each. That will be a great day. In the beginning they did a great job of controlling the game, especially the first quarter. We made two or three more plays tonight then they (the Bills) did and that is why we won this game.

Roosevelt Colvin, Linebacker
(On his big play)
I just tried to get off the ball as fast as I could and I had the opportunity to stop the play. I stripped the ball and the ball was there. It was a big play.

(On the return of Bruschi)
I think he accomplished exactly what he set out to do. He came out and performed at a high level. Tedy was Tedy tonight.

Willie McGinest, Linebacker
(On the return of Bruschi)
It was good to see Tedy out there running around. I think he played a lot more than he thought he would. It wore him down and tested him tonight.

(On the Bills)
Buffalo is a good team. They were undefeated in our division, they have a great defense and an offense that can run the ball. It was a tough game. We are happy we won, but we can definitely play a lot better. We should have gotten off the field a lot quicker.

Dan Koppen, Offensive Line
(On tonight's game)
We really didn't do anything different from the first half to the second half We just tried to eliminate a lot of the mistakes. We have confidence in all of the guys in this locker room and when you have #12 back there you are confident you can win the game.

Asante Samuel, Cornerback
(On his INT)
I backed off of the receiver and I read the quarterback. I read the drop, dove and picked it off. It gave us momentum then Rosey (Colvin) came back and got a strip sack and that was huge. Finally, we get two turnovers and they were big in this game.

(On the return of Bruschi)
It was awesome. His leadership ability and play making ability - it is just good to have him back. He knows the defense well. He has been here about 20 years! He is a Massachusetts favorite and they gave us momentum too. From when we came out and every time they said his name the fans were screaming.

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