They Said It: Jets Postgame Quotes

The New England Patriots defeated the New York Jets sending the Jets to 2-10 and eliminating them from the postseason. The Patriots managed to put pressure on the Jets the entire game. By containing the run and getting a lead, the New England defense was able to tee off on QB Brooks Bollinger. It was another disappointing loss for New York Here are some post game comments from the Jets players.

QB Brooks Bollinger

(On not being as effective getting out of the pocket in the second half)
There isn't a reason I'm aware of at this point. I'll have to look at the tape. I just go out there and try to react to the play. I just didn't make enough plays out there.

(On not getting breaks)
I don't know. Right now, we have a lot of things going through our minds. It's just [really] frustrating. We've got to come back and keep working and we have to find a way to get those breaks.

S Erik Coleman

(On pressure put on defense when offense doesn't score points)
We could do some things ourselves to get the pressure off of us. Like getting off the field a couple of times. That helps us out regardless of the offense.

(On keeping games close)
We definitely go out and play for each other. You have to give it your all every play, and we try to do that.

RB Curtis Martin

(On moving the ball)
It's just hard and we are having a hard time and we're not getting it done. I don't know exactly what the problem is. But, regardless, I'm just focused on not finishing up these last four games the way we have been playing. We have to play better.

(On only having one touchdown in a month)
It's only something that you think is closely impossible. I never imagined that we would be in this position.

CB Ty Law

(On playing against old team)
It was cool. It wasn't something I circled on my calendar. It was just another football game that happened to be against my old team. My mindset was to go out and try to win another football game.

(On season)
As a team, we're still searching to get another win and it's been tough on us as a whole because we play hard but for some reason we are not making enough plays to win football games right now. It's disappointing, because we had such high expectations coming in.

(On expecting to be challenged during game)
I was expecting double moves because I play aggressively. They tried a couple with Deion (Branch) but I was on them. We laughed because I told him I knew it was coming. I'm pretty used to it. Why would it be any different against the Patriots? If you look at my history of playing, you are going to try and take a chance here and there, but basically, Tom [Brady] took what he could and what he needed to get. He didn't need to go at me and I wouldn't think anybody would, I wouldn't if I were a quarterback.

WR Justin McCareins

(On the loss)
It's hard and it just gets a little worse every time. I see how hard everybody works and how hard I work. It's just something you have to accept and keep working for next week.

(On moving the ball)
We showed some good things but it wasn't enough. We had too many stalled drives and I think our defense did a good job early on in the game getting us the ball. We were not making the most of it and we let them control the clock.


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