What the Buffalo Bills have to do to win

The Buffalo Bills can stop the Patriots from clinching the AFC East crown, and it isn't that impossible. Although many experts have picked New England to steamroll the Bills who are in a state of chaos at the moment, Patriots Insider Jon Scott explains how the Bills could actually shut down the defending Super Bowl champs and come away with another win at home. Get inside for what the Bills have to do to pull off the upset.

Three things the Bills must to do to order to beat the Patriots:

1) Run, run and keep on running

The Buffalo Bills had success when they tried to run the Ball last time against the Patriots. Willis McGahee chewed up yardage on the ground while Kelly Holcomb worked at trying to get the ball down the field. The Patriots, however, have been able to slow opposing runners down in recent weeks, with the exception of their one loss to Larry Johnson and the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots have stacked the line to stop opponents from establishing a ground game. They have tried to force opponents to throw the ball against them to win, which a number of teams have been able to do. The key for Buffalo is to get McGahee on track like he was in the first meeting between these teams this season (31 carries 136 yds 4.4 ypc avg). If McGahee can open things up then Losman will be have opportunities downfield, something the Patriots are second to last in stopping… the pass.

2) Protect Losman

If the Bills can get some semblance of a ground game going so J.P. Losman can at least attempt the play-action pass, the Bills will have success through the air. When teams like the Dolphins, Saints and Jets were stymied on the ground, they turned to the air, finding yardage in given up in big chunks by the Patriots porous secondary.

Teams that manage to establish a running game typically are able to pick apart the Patriots secondary at will. Teams that have done well with the threat of a ground game: The Atlanta Falcons did it with backup Matt Schaub (18/34 298); San Diego did with Drew Brees (19/24 248); Kansas City's Trent Green (19/26 323).

Even teams that lost had solid performances through the air: Miami's Gus Frerotte (25/47 360); New Orleans' Aaron Brooks (27/50 343); Buffalo's Kelly Holcomb (20/33 263).

There's a reason the Patriots are ranked 31st agasint the pass, and the Bills can exploit it, even without Eric Moulds.

3) Get Pressure on Brady

The Bills were able to pressure, knock around and beat up on the Patriots quarterback in their fist meeting. Brady went 14/21 for 199 and 1 TD, his lowest output of the season. Aaron Schobel will be a key, but the rest of the Bills defense needs to step up.

Even thought the Bills lost that last game 21 -16 they were in it until the final minutes. By pressuring Brady, the Bills were able to dominate the game in every category but on the scoreboard: Time of possession 39:20 vs. 20.40; Third down conversions 7-14 vs. 1-7; First Downs 24 vs. 18 and Total yards 394 vs. 273.

Forcing the Patriots into second and long and third and long will give the Bills a chance to get to Brady forcing incompletion, sacks, hurries and more importantly, keep him off the field.

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