They Said It: Buffalo Players Sound Off

The New England Patriots traveled to Buffalo and put a good old-fashioned beating on the struggling Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Although the Patriots didn't play flawless football, they showed why it's best to never underestimate what they can do when firing on all cylinders. The Bills players and coaching staff understand, this was not the same New England team that almost lost at home nearly a month ago. These are more like the Super Bowl Champions.

RDT Tim Anderson:

(On if it was the Patriots offense playing better or the defense playing poorly)
They were better; they were prepared when they came in here. They played well as an offense, and we made mistakes on defense. Guys were out of their gaps, myself included, and when things like that happen, it makes it hard to win.

LDE Chris Kelsey:

(On why Tom Brady had such a good game against the Bills defense)
I felt that we had pressure on him at times, but he was able to get away a number of times. Tom Brady is a special player, and he is going to make plays.

MLB London Fletcher:

"I think they had the ball forty-two minutes. Some of it was defensively; I think they were 69% on third down, which is not good. I feel bad for the fans; we just didn't play well today. It's an embarrassment to everybody associated with the Buffalo Bills, to come out at our home stadium to perform the way we performed. Collectively they just kicked our rear ends."

FS Troy Vincent:

On "play for Mularkey" in the three games left…)
"Obviously; he's our leader. He was one of the reasons why I chose to come here myself. Wins and losses, at the end of the day, everything's going to fall back on the head coach and the QB. Right now as a unit, we're not performing well. Our record shows that, and we still believe, myself individually and my teammates, in Coach Mularkey and what he's doing, but Coach Mularkey's not playing the game. Today he can take full credit for the loss, but at the end of the day we were playing the game. We're making plays; we're playing the game between the whistles. So at the end of the day, the players, we have to look at ourselves and we have to hold each other accountable."

LCB Terrence McGee

(Why it seemed that there was always someone open for the Patriots)
I'm not sure. We started off pretty good the first two series, but after that we just broke down a little bit.

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