RUMORMILL: Pats Shuffling Roster?

The early word on what looks like will be another roster move can come as soon as today. The New England Patriots have been handling injuries to players who are injured with care. They have been playing a wait and see approach, which has panned out well for them. Now that the season is winding down, they are out of time for a player they had hoped would be able to return. It looks like they will finally make a move they've been trying to avoid all season.

In what has become weekly speculation about the Patriots injured players, LT Matt Light and RB Kevin Faulk, the team has maintained their silent approach. Faulk, who broke a bone in his foot week three, was able to show promise as he rehabbed. He managed to return nine weeks after his departure, but Light who was injured in the same game, has not been so fortunate. Although Light has been working diligently with his rehab program, a setback of some blood pooling in his injured leg, may have been the setback that keeps him out. According to one source, it will require too much time at this point in the season, and the team is better off using the roster spot to address some of their lack of depth.

When Matt Light went down, rookie Nick Kaczur, who had been practicing at RT through training camp and the preseason, filled in on the left side, allowing him to gain some valuable experience while Tom Ashworth maintained the RT spot. Light talked about returning, even walking through the locker room at one point without crutches. He revealed that there was blood accumulating in the injured area, and a second procedure was necessary. That setback was the beginning of the end for Light's 2005 season.

Word coming from the Patriots is that Light is on IR but no other roster moves have been announced.

Nick Kaczur has been Light's replacement until his own injury. If Kaczur's healthy, which is rumored to be sooner than later, he will most likely step back into his role on the left side with Tom Ashworth moving back to the right. Kaczur, Ashworth and Gorin should all be available against the New York Jets this Monday night.

As reported here in the forums a couple weeks ago, PI readers had the feeling this may happen. The question has been, whom will they sign to replace Light when he goes on IR?

The team has had a number of players in for workouts. Right now it's a matter of finding cap space to sign someone who may be able to help the final few weeks of the season.

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