Herm Answers Some Questions

New York Jets head coach Herman Edwards spends a few minutes to talk to the New England media about the Jets - Patriots game on Monday night.

Herman Edwards, Jets Head Coach

(On the challenge Deion Branch and David Givens pose to the Jets defense)

HE: They are obviously a big challenge. I think their offense is starting to hit its stride again. I don't think they lost it a whole lot, I think they were a little hampered early with the injuries of [Corey] Dillon and [Kevin] Faulk obviously. I think the quarterback is having an excellent year. I thought the receivers did a good job when they were forced to maybe throw a little bit more than they had liked to because the runners were a little nicked. Now they are back to being balanced obviously. They can throw it and run it, whatever they need to do with their offense. Their receivers are very, very good. I think [Deion] Branch is a guy that doesn't get a lot of credit. He doesn't have the big name like a lot of these other receivers. He is a guy that can obviously make a lot of big plays. He has done it in the past, obviously that was shown in the Super Bowl. [David] Givens is another guy that I think is a big, strong receiver that can make a lot of plays for them. They are a challenge. They are two good wide receivers.

(On the Patriots defense and how they have made changes to improve the secondary )

HE: I don't think they have changed a whole lot. I think guys have gotten healthy. I think the secondary has come together more and that is always a coordinated plan with the linebackers. In what they do, I think their front seven is playing very, very well. They are playing with leads. They are putting more pressure than they were earlier and that was due to some of the young guys they were playing with in the back end and the loss of [Tedy] Bruschi and guys like that. All of a sudden they are back and I think they feel very comfortable in what they are doing. They have gotten better as the season has gone on. They are playing very, very good on defense. They are back to their old ways of dominating and smothering teams.

(On the fans and the incident that happened with some fans getting hurt)

HE: No. I think our fans are good. I think sometimes that gets a little blown out of proportion. I think fans are fans and I think our fans are very, very good. You get a couple fans maybe with some incidents. That wasn't at players or coaches or anything like that. They were a little upset maybe at the officials. That is one thing you don't want to do. You don't want to mar our game with your emotions and getting mad and throwing things on the field. That is emotions, that is all that is. It is not fan behavior. It is just emotions.

(On Rosevelt Colvin)

HE: I think he is obviously getting more comfortable with what they are asking him to do. He is getting a lot of confidence in what they are doing and when you play well obviously you gain more confidence and he is doing that. He is a force. There is no doubt about it. He has made a lot of big plays for them. He has 6.5 sacks, so he is playing well.

(On the type of year Tom Brady is having)

HE: I thought what happened to them was when they had some injuries on offense, they lost a couple players there and defensively they were nicked a little early, they were in some games where he had to put the team on his back and make a bunch of big throws in games to win games for them. If you look at some of those games early, he kept them going. I'm not saying that other guys didn't help, but the quarterback is always the key component, especially offensively on how you are going to play. He did that. There were a lot of games where he brought them back and made big-time throws. Now all of a sudden they are getting those players back and they are playing together again and they are playing with a lot of confidence.

(On Brooks Bollinger and his need to see things more than once to improve)

HE: Yes that and his inexperience. That comes with any inexperienced quarterback. Going into this season he had nine snaps playing quarterback in the National Football League. He has grown. He has gotten a lot better since his first start. There are only certain things you are going to do with him because you want to do things with him that he can be successful.

(On having more confidence in the Bollinger's passing to open up the offense a little)

HE: Well yes. I think last week was one in the fact that the way Miami was coming at us, they were blitzing us and we were getting some one-on-one matchups. We were fortunate enough to hit some of them and sometimes they hit us. It kind of worked out, but in the end we weren't able to win the game. It looks good at times when you are throwing the ball down the field, but you have to be able to catch it and make plays and we didn't make enough of them.

(On the challenge of motivating the Jets team to play the last two games)

HE: It really hasn't been that challenging at all. I think it's the character players that you draft and you bring in that you know when you hit rough times that they are going to play. I think our coaches have done a great job coaching them. The players that are available to play have played as good as they can play. That is what you have to ask them to do, that is part of the profession and they have done that. It is not hard to get these guys ready to play. I just think they like playing football. They enjoy playing it. I anticipate we will go play very, very hard on Monday night.

(On how the Patriots receivers Givens and Branch achieve success, either together or indivually)

HE: I think they compliment each other. I think what they are asking them to do is obviously something they can do very, very well. I think it is a well-coordinated effort by both of them. Whenever you have another guy on the other side and don't lose track of the tight ends because the tight ends are big factors too. When you are coordinated that way, you play off of each other and that is what they have been able to do.

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