Patriots - Broncos: Game Balls and Goats

Some things are unwritten rules in football. He who loses the turnover battle loses the game. That proved true on Saturday night as the Denver Broncos capitalized on 5 Patriots turnovers to get 24 of their 27 points. We want to hear from you. Give us your game ball awards and goats

PHOTO: New England Patriots Ellis Hobbs (27) fumbles the football as he is hit by Denver Broncos kicker Todd Sauerbrun on a kickoff return during the second quarter in Denver on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2006. The Broncos recovered the ball. (AP Photo/Bill Ross)


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The New England Patriots did everything possible to give the game away to the Denver Broncos on Saturday night at Invesco Field. Two fumbles deep in Patriots territory in the final moments of the first half turned into 10 points for the Broncos to put them up 10 - 3.

After the half the Patriots continued their stifling defense to keep the game close, but two more turnovers sealed the Patriots loss. An interception by Tom Brady in the end zone when the Patriots were about to make it a 4-point game was devastating. But the fumble by Troy Brown on a muffed punt in the fourth quarter sealed any chance of a comeback.

The Patriots defense, much maligned for most of the season, dominated the game. It was the turnovers, and the mistakes on offense that doomed the Patriots against Denver.

Fans are upset about the outcome, talking about the bad calls, the turnovers and more. We want to hear from you.

Send us your Game Balls for great plays the Patriots made, and your Goats for all the mistakes they made HERE in the forums. Join the hundreds of fans who want to talk about the Patriots' loss.

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