Senior Bowl Chat Transcript: January 24 and TFY Draft Preview Insiders are in Mobile Alabama talking to players, coaches and others. Here's the transcript of the Draft chat on 1/24 where fans were able to talk to the experts to ask them questions on players, teams and possible ramifications in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Tony Pauline: Hello all! Denis is at the coaches press conference and should be here shortly.

ram: Tony did you see any surprises for the Browns?
Tony Pauline:
ram- surprises? no.... Phil Savage was very active again at both practices today as were their scouts

Guest14: TFY, link to the website where you are putting the reports?
Tony Pauline:
Guest14....; the North stuff has been up for a while and the South should be up in 30 minutes

Brent Sobleski: hello all

CaryNCBrownsBacker: SOBO ...thanks for all the great reports the past few days
Brent Sobleski: Hope I'm keeping you guys as updated as possible
Tony Pauline:
Cary...thanks for the kind is going to get more intense over the next 24 hours...Wednesday is always the biggest day here in Mobile

Guest61: Were there any Steeler representatives there?
Tony Pauline:
Guest61...not many Steelers scouts in attendance at all

Brent Sobleski: the only Steeler scout I've seen was the one who timed the 40's at the combine last year

ram: SOBO, Tony, Do you think the Browns could be active with Jay Cutler and work a trade with Miami. Miami sounds like they might want to trade up to pick up Cutler.
Brent Sobleski: EVERYONE is talking to Cutler. Don't read into a team doing their homework

Guest14: Sobo, many Falcons scouts?
Brent Sobleski: seen quite a few, but they stay on the outskirts

Guest14: i heard that the falcons had a lot their yesterday...was their less or more today?
Brent Sobleski: not exactly, they are just not as active as other teams with open player interviews

Boltnik: How about Stovall, just exactly how high is he moving up the chart?
Tony Pauline:
Boltnik...he was a popular man and has done well here...for him it will come down to 40 time at the combine

Guest5: Who stood out in today's practices?
Guest61: Who looked unimpressive today
Brent Sobleski: Since I concentrate on the lineplay, my most impressive players were Manny Lawson and D'Brickashaw Ferguson

ram: Tony & SOBOdawg, could Cutler go before the 12th pick?
Tony Pauline: Cutler has been solid but he doesn't excite me as a top 12 pick. I don't think the Browns target Cutler

Boltnik: Is McNeill more seriously injured than most thought? Will he drop like Canty last year?
Brent Sobleski: McNeill hasn't been hampered by any injuries that we know of currently

Stegs: How have the other tackles performed SOBO, Scott and Winston in particular...who is at the top of them now; Mel was talking about Winston dropping to the 3rd or 4th
Brent Sobleski: I would have to disagree with Mel on that one. Winston has been the most consistent after Brick

Guest13: Is AJ Hawk living up to the hype?
Tony Pauline: Guest13...AJ Hawk is not here

THETomH: Tony/SOBO, how are the Tech guys doing? Is PJ Daniels there?
Brent Sobleski: PJ Daniels is not here

ram: Tony could you see Greenway going to Cleveland at 12 and could he play inside LB?
Tony Pauline: ram...he could go to the Browns at 12 and play OLB....very solid here thus far

Guest5: How's the DE from Indiana looking?
Brent Sobleski: Adeyanju has shown some ablity off the edge

dogchow: Adeyanju can he play OLB?
Brent Sobleski:
Adeyanju looks to be athletic enough in a 34 system, but that question is still up in the air

Guest13: Is there a safety that stands out?
Tony Pauline: Guest13...Watkins looked good today

Guest13: Is Sanantonio Holmes the best WR there?
Tony Pauline: Guest13...Holmes is a junior...this is the Senior Bowl

THETomH: Who are your top surprises, both positive and negative?
Tony Pauline: TheTom...biggest positive surprise..Nick Mangold...negative....Darrell Hackney

Guest199: SOBO/TONY, Who are the Browns scouts looking. Can you narrow it down please?
Brent Sobleski: 199, if you guess the line; you'll be on the right track

dogchow: Mangold playing any OG or just OC?
Brent Sobleski: center

ram: So what is the higher priority for the Browns, defensive line or linebacker? It is almost like the chicken and the egg joke. One is needed to be good to make the other good.
Brent Sobleski: like I said, if you guess line, you'd be right

Guest14: best play of the day came from???
Brent Sobleski: Best play: one handed interception by Jahmile Addae

JSinCT: Hey AB, Hey Tony... Any word on the Patriots?
ArtBtz: There's a bit on who the Pats are looking at in tonight's team interest article
ram: New England still wags the dawg.
Brent Sobleski: It was weird seeing Bill Belichick at Senior Bowl. He looked uncomfortable. Course he always looks that way

Guest74: greenway Had one jarring hit where he knocked off Terrence Whitehead's helmet.
Tony Pauline: Guest74...he knocked off the helmet of Terrence Whitehead of Oregon

JSinCT: Hey is Mike Tice down there?
Brent Sobleski: No sign of Tice and his large stogie from what I've seen

CBLaxer: Mangold hmm... displaying good technique, power or overall game?
Boltnik: CBLager Mangold is solid wide body who just stoned Dvorcek today.
Brent Sobleski: Mangold controlled the line most of the day

ram: Do you see any guards that will be first or second round draft choices. Could the Browns afford to draft them this year if they were the best player available?
Brent Sobleski: From what I've seen of the guards, none are first round worthy; though there is a lot of interest in Max Jean-Gilles

CStegman1: SOBO, do you think Brick slips at all and falls to us at 12, and who might be the next best LT, and where do you expect him to go?
Brent Sobleski: Brick does not get out of the top 10

Boltnik: JR I'm here representing your people
Denis Savage: T'anks Boltnik

Guest14: SOBO, where do you think Kiwi will go?? 15-20?
Brent Sobleski:
Kiwi is sliding in my opinion (which may differ than others)

Number1EaglesFan: TFY did the Eagles show any interest in the WR's today?? Like Stovall??
Tony Pauline: Number1eagles fan...we had some earlier today about Jon Runyan and will have more tonight

Guest74: TFY were there any injuries today??
Tony Pauline: Guest74...Skyler Green

Guest228: kiwi looks like he is a one trick pony and it probably doesn't help that he must go against Brick every day
Brent Sobleski: Actually Kiwi and Brick have not being going head to head all the time
Brent Sobleski: Trueblood has been strictly a right tackle

CStegman1: SOBO...who would you take out of the seniors we've seen at the senior bowl, at 12 of course
Brent Sobleski: Well assuming Brick was off the board, I REALLY liked what I have seen so far in Broderick Bunkley. Had him personally as a late first rounder coming into this week and he's been solid

ram: Tony/SOBOdawg?Denis - How many strong safeties are there in the Senior Bowl who can both be run and pass efficient?
Denis Savage: Ram: None really. Most are better against the run. Blue has shown flashes
Tony Pauline: ram the most complete safety in Mobile is walking around the lobby.. it is Jason Allen of Tennessee

Guest228: Sobo any opinion on Wimbley or Watson ?
Brent Sobleski: Wimbley has quickness off the edge but needs work on technique, Watson was surprisingly good today

Guest137: Mel Kiper said that Eric Winston may have fallen to the 3rd or 4th round. Comments?
Tony Pauline: Guest137...what was his reasoning??
Brent Sobleski: I don't see it personally. He's been one of the more consistent performers. He has his weaknesses but has been consistent. McNeill is the one I question

Guest5: Bunkley project to DE or NT?
Brent Sobleski: Bunkley, DE in 34

JSinCT: sobo what about McNeil?
Brent Sobleski: McNeill is wildly inconsistent, but quite popular with scouts

donodawg2: anyone stand out at TE?
Denis Savage: donodawg: Mercedes Lewis is solid.

ram: Tony. SOBOdawg/ Denis, is there a Seymour, DT/DE type player in this draft?
Brent Sobleski: No one of Seymour's talent, size/athleticism ratio

Guest228: bunkely would be a beast as a DE in a 3-4
Tony Pauline: Bunkley will likely be a NT or possible a 3-technique lineman
Brent Sobleski: Ahhhh, a disagreement commences...

Guest5: Bunkley sounds like the kind of player you'd see on the Steelers
Guest228: Is BUnkley big enough for NT?
Brent Sobleski: As Tony points out, Bunkley is a ROCK solid 300 lbs and holds ground well. NT isn't out of the range of possibilities
Tony Pauline: Guest228...he weighed in @300Lbs

Guest14: SOBO, where do you think jason allen will go?
Tony Pauline: Guest14...Allen's draft is completely dependent on medical reports

Guest166: Does anyone have an opinion on how Whitehurst looks
Brent Sobleski: Whitehurst = over the top delivery, struggles with deep passes

howldawg: Sobo Tony and/or Denis If the Browns don't move who is the best choice for them?
Denis Savage: the CFL
Brent Sobleski: Don't worry guys, he's a Charger fan. He's a bit confused
Brent Sobleski: Howl, keep a name like Manny Lawson in the back of your brain

Guest228: What about Gabe Watson? He seems to be getting rave reviews from everyone, is he back into the first round?
Brent Sobleski: Watson appears to realize this is for the money now and is playing accordingly
Denis Savage: Guest228: Watson was praised by his coaching staff, saying he has answered a question or two
Brent Sobleski: To be honest about Watson, I worry about his passion since he seemed to have turn it on only when the money is on the line.
Brent Sobleski: the talent is amazing, I can see why some would consider him top 10 at one point; but I have my reservations

Guest137: TFYDraft, Kiper said he wasn't back from his injury and looked small and not as mobile as he did before the injury (paraphrase)
Tony Pauline: Guest137...Winston is not back from his injury but a potential top 12 pick at tackle in '05 won't fall three rounds in my opinion

dogchow: Martin Nance hows his game, speed?
Denis Savage: dogchow: His speed is not bad. Nothing to get real excited about.

mes78: Did M. Lawson play OLB today?
Brent Sobleski: Lawson is certainly the most athletic d-lineman down here, and had a very nice day
Tony Pauline: mes78...they have been playing a 4-3 here so no NT's....Oshinowo of Stanford could fill thatg role

Guest137: Hey Denis! Any word from Charger camp?
Denis Savage: Guest137: Lofton is there and it would be a shock if he gets the Oakland job at this point

CaryNCBrownsBacker: WHAT about Darryl Tapp? Any thoughts?
Brent Sobleski: explosive off the edge

OkiBrown: Sobo and Denis...i just got online...are today's practice reports updated online?
Brent Sobleski: Think Tony are finishing them up as we speak

Guest228: Sobo did u see Wimbley today? How has he looked? I did see Savage talking to him after practice on nfl network
Brent Sobleski: As for Wimbley, he has the athleticism and is a specimen. Very raw off the edge

CBLaxer: Is sending anyone to the Combine in Indy?
Denis Savage: CBLaxer: We will be all over the Combines 4-5 people

Guest14: Sobo, best pure pass rusher in mobile is ????
Brent Sobleski: best pure pass rusher = Darryl Tapp

OkiBrown: Any word down there on what happened to Zemeitas?
Denis Savage: OkiBrown: His equipment bag is here but still no reason he missed out.

Guest137: Don't see Lofton going anywhere this year. Who were the Bolts looking at today?
Denis Savage: Guest137: A few guys. I will have the updated list tonight.

mes78: SOBO, TFY, Denis - outside of Bunkley, have any other NT's been impressive? Any workmen-type NT's?
Brent Sobleski: Watson was impressive today, and the Giant Baba has been nothing but solid

Guest14: best run stuffer at DE?
Brent Sobleski: Best run stuffing DE= Tamba Hali

donodawg2: How can McNeill look so bad, and have such a good record at Auburn? I don't get it
Brent Sobleski: The question on McNeill goes back to scheme. They schemed around him. Basically by zone blocking down or giving him help. He's struggled at points this week

ntodd51: At WR do S Moss or S Green have the breakaway speed of a S Smith?
Denis Savage:
ntodd51: Green=no. Moss=much closer

Guest14: denis, who is tamba hali's nfl equivalent?
Denis Savage: Guest14: Shaun Ellis

howldawg: Sobo anyone impress you enough to want to see the Browns trade up or back into the first? Debrick?
Brent Sobleski: Sorry Howl, but you know my philosophy; I want to trade down not up

Guest228: Is Hali athletic enough to play OLB in 3-4
Brent Sobleski: Hali has been inconsistent this week

tdd336: Is Denver hot on anyone? Hoping we can trade down for their two picks
Denis Savage: Denver was all around the field today.
Denis Savage: tdd336: How does Greg Blue sound?

ram: Tony/Denis/SOBOdawg - Is there a true horse at DE in this draft that would make a major difference in the 3 - 4? If so, would he be available at 12?
Brent Sobleski: Manny Lawson is the specimen to keep an eye on as a 34 OLB. He's impressive both physically and had a very good week to date

OkiBrown: Does Lawson equal Merriman?
Brent Sobleski: Lawson does not equal Merriman. Not as strong or as explosive. He might be a bit quicker off the edge though

Guest5: Lawson make it to the 2nd round?
Brent Sobleski: Right now? No.

Guest137: Does Max Jean Giles go in the first round?
Brent Sobleski: No
Tony Pauline:
Guest137...Jean-Gilles is a second round choice

Guest5: Lawson or Carpenter - who is better?
Brent Sobleski: Well I'm not seeing Carpenter in person. It would be hard to find a prospect as physically impressive as Lawson.

Guest14: how was Tye Hill today?
Denis Savage: Guest14: Hill is fundamentally sound. Had some extra hand contact today

donodawg2: Is Jean-Giles the #1 OG there?
Brent Sobleski: I would say yes. Lutui is not as impressive as I personally expected (or nearly as big as listed)

donodawg2: Why not Jean-Gilles in the second? We need some push up front.
THETomH: Jean-Gilles is a second round choice... TO POOP ON!
Brent Sobleski: Oh there is a lot to like about Jean-Gilles. His biggest problems are technique, which can be taught

ntodd51: How has Pat Watkins been playing?? How does he do in run support?
Denis Savage: Watkins: Hard worker. Has some deficiencies

Guest5: Could Colledge fall to 43 or 44?
Tony Pauline: Guest5...I'd be surprised if he goes earlier
Brent Sobleski: Colledge has not been as impressive as expected. Good feet, bad hands.

tdd336: hmmm so late second early third then Sobo?
Brent Sobleski: I would say so currently. He also has been garnering a lot of interest this week

Guest137: Any Free Safety's look interesting?
Denis Savage: Guest137: Not as interesting as Ko.

Guest137: Think Chargers go ko?
Denis Savage: Guest137: He is the sexy pick right now. Too early to tell.

Guest14: TFY, where do you think kiwi will go?
Tony Pauline: Guest14...he is struggling this week and falling down boards...right now between 12-20

mes78: How did R. Simms do today? How much of a drop off between Jean-Gilles and Simms?
Brent Sobleski: Sims is not here

ram: Is Watson a Gerald Warren type???
Tony Pauline: ram...he's bigger then Warren and more dominant when on his game....he's also lazier.

Guest14: SOBO, who is your favorite player to watch down there?
Brent Sobleski: If you haven't guessed it yet; Broderick Bunkley has been the stud of the early week in my opinion

Number1EaglesFan: TFY did my Eagles check out any WR's?? Hopefully Maurice Stovall??
Tony Pauline: Number1Eagles fan...thyey were all over receivers...including Andy was in our early afternoon report.

PA_DAWG: SOBO, if a NT is bought in FA, do you see the browns taking Bunkley in Rnd 1?
Brent Sobleski: I personally think it's a strong possibility still. Tony and I disagree slightly whether he is a nose or DE in the 34. I believe the latter

mes78: SOBO, TFY - What player/players should we keep an eye on the rest of the week? Who do we need to know more about?
Brent Sobleski: I would like to get closer looks at Parys Haralson, Jon Scott, Victor Adeyanju, and Ryan O'Callaghan
Tony Pauline: mes78...Marcus McNeill...he's slipping for one. Maurice Stovall, who was a popular guy this morning...Manny Lawson, as he's played well

howldawg: SOBO Is there a NT That should be of interset?
Brent Sobleski:
Howl, see if Watson keeps up this pace; but don't let Babatunde Oshinowo slide past ya

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