Brady Works On His Golf Game

New England quarterback Tom Brady has a little time to relax before he's scheduled to undergo surgery. Seen here, Brady is working on his golf game in this year's AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Just a week or so before he's scheduled to have surgery to repair a torn groin muscle, Tom Brady was hitting the links. This time it's for a good cause. The various charities of each celebrity invited to the Pro-Am, including Brady, benefit from their play in the tournament.

A little over three weeks removed from his final football game of the 2005 season, Brady is enjoying his time on the fairways. He's a guest at this year's tournament along with his father and a host of other celebrities and athletes including Bill Murray, Andy Garcia and others.

The links offer a quiet reprise from the onslaught of crowd noise Brady has faced on the football field. Even when he wasn't playing Brady was booed as he performed the ceremonial coin toss at the Super Bowl last week. He just smiled and moved on. At Pebble Beach, where quiet crowds are the rule during play, Brady heard the fans.

The Oakland Tribune was on hand to catch one such exchange.

"Brady. Al Davis wants you," shouted a fan from the gallery. Brady, turned and yelled back, "I'll never play for the Raiders."

Playing for Oakland is certainly a moot point for the California native who idolized San Francisco hero Joe Montana growing up. Brady is signed through the 2010 season when he'll be 33. And it's unlikely he'll make it to the free agency market even if he wanted to play for Oakland. Brady has become the face of the New England franchise next to head coach Bill Belichick. He has said it would be hard to see himself playing for another team.

Brady is eager to put his off-season commitments behind him and move on to next season. He has declined an invitation to play in the NFL Pro Bowl this weekend per his doctor's orders. He is looking forward to having the surgery, which will alleviate the pain he's had since midway through the season, and start him on the road to recovery.

"I'll be raring to go as soon as I can get out there," he told the Boston Media at the Super Bowl.

Brady will be back in New England to undergo the procedure on his injured groin. From then, he'll need close to two full months to recover. He should be ready to go in time for the off-season OTAs and training camp.

For now, it's all about his golf game.


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