AFC East: Dolphins Shaking Things Up

Is Nick Saban gearing his Dolphins for a run at the Patriots in 2006? That's what it looks like behind the scenes at Indy. Insiders have learned that Miami is focused on signal callers; talking to them, interviewing them, cozying up to their agents. They have also targeted one veteran as a possible immediate solution that would make them instant contenders in the AFC East. Get inside to see what a team source told about those rumors.

The majority of talk surrounding the Miami Dolphins in recent days has regarded the quarterback position. The team made its' intensions clear by scouting collegiate quarterbacks extensively, and was seen talking with a number of agents with signal-calling clients at the Indianapolis Combine.

Gus Frerotte is clearly not the answer in Miami, and even head coach Nick Saban has publicly acknowledged this recently.

Who heads the list to inherit the mantle of Griese, Marino, and, um, Frerotte and Fieldler, and become the next starting quarterback of the Dolphins?

Early speculation centered on Minnesota Vikings quarterback Daunte Culpepper, who was and still could be on the trading block, depending on who you want to listen to.

Another player, however, which has quietly been the focus of the Dolphins organization since he was not labeled with the franchise tag last week: Drew Brees.

Brees, the starting quarterback of the San Diego Chargers is at the top of the Miami wish-list, has learned.

Saban is looking for a young veteran quarterback to lead the resurgent Dolphins in the 2006 season and beyond. In Brees, the Dolphins are looking at a player that has played well the past two seasons but is coming off shoulder surgery.

"The Dolphins are in a situation where they need a quarterback if that team is going to keep moving forward. (Gus) Frerotte is only going to do so much there, they (Miami) need a quarterback that is accurate, fiery, and has tasted some success," one AFC East player personnel director noted.

The Chargers have not ruled out Brees' returning to the team in 2006, but it appears unlikely with the amount of attention Brees has received prior to the free agent player signing period.

"We would like to have Drew (Brees) return, but we have to do what is in the best interest of the organization. He (Brees) is coming off shoulder surgery and you never know about that type of injury or issue," a team source tells "We have exchanged some numbers with them (Brees representatives), and it doesn't appear we will get anything done with him prior to free agency.

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