A New Defender In Foxboro?

Patriots Insider has learned that the team is interested in bringing in a veteran defender for a look. If all goes well, it will be their second acquisition of a free agent not already on their team from last year.

Patriots Insider has learned that Kansas City Chiefs defender Eric Warfield will fly to Foxborough for a physical and may reach a deal as early as Wednesday. The Chiefs released the eight-year defender in early March in part due to cap reasons. By releasing Warfield, the Chiefs saved close to $2 million against the cap.

The 8-year defender has spent his entire career in Kansas City as a key member of the Chiefs secondary. Warfield was originally drafted by Kansas City in the seventh round of the 1998 NFL Draft (216th overall). He made one start his sophomore season, three the following year and became a full time starter in 2001 at right cornerback.

Warfield faced off field troubles which resulted in a league suspension for four games in 2005. He reportedly violated the league substance abuse policy, and sat out the first part of the season.

The 6-foot, 200-pound Warfield is considered to be a decent cover guy but may not go 100% on every down. According to Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated, Warfield is a classy guy but has trouble playing at a high level consistently. "He does not practice hard and often is out of position because he does not hustle," Athan told us. "He has talent to be an All-Pro cornerback and maybe the Patriots can get the best out of him."

The Patriots have had success in the past signing troubled players who needed a change of venue to get back on track. Warfield, by all accounts, is a good guy who could benefit from a change of scenery. After spending his entire professional career in Kansas City and playing for Nebraska in college, Warfield might benefit from calling some place other than the midwest home in 2006.

Warfield managed 57 tackles, eight passes defended, two fumble recoveries and one interception returned for a touchdown last year.

Warpaint Illustrated's Nick Athan contributed to this report. For more on Warfield's experience including articles, bio and hot news, visit WarpaintIllustrated.com.

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