Chat Transcript with Adam Calpan (Sirius)

Adam Caplan of Sirius Radio, and swung by the chat room as a guest of Patriots Insider. Adam shared some thoughts on the team, what draft picks would fit the Patriots' needs, and some free agents that the team may be thinking about. Want to know about LenDale White, Chad Jackson, Kamerion Wimbley, Richard Marshall, Jerious Norwood and Raymond Ventrone. Those and more inside from the 4/4 Patriots chat.

<adamcaplan> Just to get started while we're waiting, the Pats needs look to be: DE/OLB, CB, S, WR, RB. I think they'll have to sign a veteran QB at some point. Cassel may not be ready.
<adamcaplan> Chad Jackson has a visit coming up with the Pats so he could be their guy at #21.
<adamcaplan> They have visits with about 4 top CBs so that's another position that they could look at in the first round
<adamcaplan> I'll be talking to Rodney Harrison's agents this week to get an update on if he wants to come back or not. I have to think they will address that position

<JSinCT> OK... let's go ... they others will join us in a few
<DPF> What are the Pats hoping to pull from the FA's that are still out there?

<adamcaplan> DPF: Has to be a veteran QB They can't go with Cassel if Brady gets hurt. Not much left there though, could be a move after June 1
<adamcaplan> Possibly a RB too. Though I think they will get a developmental RB in the draft. Too bad Cobbs didn't work out. I think they will be able to get a good RB in the second (#52) if they want.


<JSinCT> ADAM, would you say that the signing of Eric Warfield and Mel Mitchell is enough to get started for the Patriots with the Draft or do they still plan on doing more in your opinion?
<adamcaplan> JS: That's just for depth, Warfield is a marginal starter and he's had a lot of off the field issues, they need a solid young CB.
<adamcaplan> Mitchell looked like a stud in the making before his ACL injury. Hasn't been the same since. I happened to be watching the game he got hurt, pre-season. He got nailed on a cut block and slipped.
<adamcaplan> BTW, Tye Hill has a visit set up so that could be another option at #21. He's ready to play a lot as a rookie.

<dfarrar777> Uninformed Seahawks guy here. How does the New England LB corps look?
<adamcaplan> DF: They need depth. And it also depends on if they keep Vrabel inside or not.

<Guest110> Ive seen Hill going higher is some mock u thinlk he will be there?
<adamcaplan> Guest: 50-50, could go top-10.
<adamcaplan> Lots to be decided with over three weeks left.

<dfarrar777> How do they replace Willie McGinest?
<adamcaplan> DF: Kamerion Wimbley is someone who they have their eye on. He's certain to go higher though, I have to think Bobby Carpenter or Manny Lawson too.

<Guest110> What about the kid Richard Marshall from Fresno State. What is the 411 with him?
<adamcaplan> Guest: Not a first round pick but he's a good player. Could also start as a rookie though.

<DPF> With the negative press on LenDale far do you think he will drop?
<adamcaplan> DPF: 20s. However, keep in mind if his private workouts go well, he'll be fine. What I don't like is his weight and his attitude.
<DPF> Agreed.
<Guest110> WHite is NOT a Patriot type player...
<adamcaplan> 110: Agreed.

<Guest98> Adam... with the recent DB signings, do you think that means that BB/SP intend to go to a different ""NEED"" early in the draft?
<adamcaplan> 98: Historically, BB and Pioli don't go for true LBs early. I think what they'll look for is good cover CB early, DE/OLB early as well.

<dfarrar777> Coaching staff Q - I know Bill Belichick is an extreme genius, but how thinly can he spread himself? Are the replacements for the replacements highly regarded?
<adamcaplan> DF: They like Josh McDaniel a lot, I talked to Jim Miller about him recently.

<Morpheus> Are they any WR's that you expect teams may cut or are on the trading block?
<adamcaplan> Morp: Not at this time, ask me as we get closer to the draft or June 1. LB is a position of depth this year.
<adamcaplan> I also believe they will draft a TE as early as round three. Graham probably won't be back after this season as he's a UFA. That TE must be able to block well too.

<JSinCT> Adam, the Patriots have been looking at a lot of O-linemen. Are they doing that because of the injuries to Matt Light and Dan Koppen, or something else?
<adamcaplan> JS: Depth mostly, developmentally. RT is an issue. Brandon Gorin isn't looked at as a starter.
<Guest98> Gorin is a pretty good revolving door

<Guest110> What free agents are the Pats interested in for OL?
<Guest98> Adam, do you see the PATS picking up any other FA's before the draft?
<adamcaplan> Guest: haven't heard anything lately on OL. The one move they may make on vets is at QB.
<adamcaplan> I have a call in to Jamie Martin's agent. He's about the best out there. Of course Flutie is another option to bring back.
<Guest110> No more Magic Flute..a sad day in Boston

<DPF> Do the Pats have interest in Mike Haas?
<adamcaplan> DP: I don't see him on the visit list I have. I think they will look for a WR early, first two rounds or take a developmental one later.

<DPF> Do you see the Pats trading up or down?
<adamcaplan> DPF: I would think trading down first as it's a very deep draft on talent overall.

<Guest64> are the pats going to pick up Bobby carpenter?
<adamcaplan> 64: I mentioned him earlier, I think that's possible at #21, that's the type of player that would fit and could be available.
<Guest64> carpenter is awesome. I hope they can get him
<Guest98> I think Carpenter is a good pick

<Guest110> [What does] the "VAlue Card" say for the 21st pick...What is fair compensation?
<adamcaplan> 110: I don't have the pick chart in front of me.
<adamcaplan> But normally you move down later in the first and get another first day pick, depending on how far you move down.
<Guest98> well this team has the holes to fill, so an extra pick if the player you want will still be there, is a good thing
<adamcaplan> Chad Jackson, Wimbley, Carpenter are all possibilities there.
<adamcaplan> Lawson too Wimbley though is the least likely to be there.
<Guest64> at 21?
<adamcaplan> 64: Yes.

<Morpheus11> Adam, do you see the Patriots moving down and getting more picks for this draft and next year?
<adamcaplan> Morp: Move down as it's a deep draft overall in talent.

<JSinCT> There are some early round prospects they've talked to on the interior... centers. Do you see a Day One OL for them?
<adamcaplan> Not a C unless they think Koppen's shoulder is in jeopardy of him playing this season.

<Guest98> So there is pretty much no chance they will use some of the extra picks to move up a few slots...Adam?
<adamcaplan> 98: I wouldn't say no shot, it depends if there's that one player they believe they have to have. The Eagles are like that, they will trade up for a player who they really want.
<adamcaplan> But ultimately, they will see if there's value in that player. Meaning is that player so much better than another player at the same position.

<Guest110> What college players have visited Foxboro, Adam?
<adamcaplan> 110: I have a list of 15 that have visits set up or worked out, too long to type but Jon can list them in an article this week if he wishes.

<Guest64> dont the pats have 10 or more draft picks? they are not really going to use all of those are they?
<adamcaplan> 64: Depth is very important but it gives them options, but you can't deal comp picks though.

<Morpheus11> Do you see the Patriots reaching for a player like they did with Marquise Hill?
<Guest98> Heck do the Pats feel M. Hill is worth keeping? Maybe they see things we don't?
<adamcaplan> 98: Hill is a developmental player, they know that.

<Guest64> GR - 20s depending on personal workouts (earlier answer)
<adamcaplan> 64: 30 can visit this year, up from 20.

<Guest110> One thing we've learned, BB and SP set their draft board differently from how the ""Draft Experts"" do.

<DPF> How serious are the Pats about Josh Huston?
<adamcaplan> DPF: They'll work out a few Ks before the draft.
<JSinCT> There's a report they were at Stephen Gostkowski's workout and looked into a couple of kickers that Dallas also checked out
<JSinCT> there should be a thread in the forums on the kicker prospects already
<Morpheus11> Dallas is also said to be looking for a kicker to handle kick offs
<Morpheus11> Do you think Olindo Mare would be a good fit here if Miami releases him?
<adamcaplan> Morp: he's had a lot of injuries, he's shaky.
<adamcaplan> At one point in his career, years ago, Mare was one of the top Ks. That time has come and gone.


<Guest98> Adam... what do you think of MORPH's favorite player.... Jeff Roehl... The pats signed him earlier this off-season.... LOL
<DPF> Imagine that Morph!!
<Morpheus11> WOW
<adamcaplan> 98: Young, journeyman, that's the best I can say.
< adamcaplan> [wink]
<Morpheus11> Why would the Patriots sign Roehl when they already have a stiff in Gorin?

<adamcaplan> BTW, keep an eye on Earl Charles
<adamcaplan> has some upside and has size.
04/04/06 17:35:07 <Guest98> Ray Charles?
<JSinCT> Uh huh... That's what I've been saying
<adamcaplan> The Earl of Charles.......
<Guest110> Roel was featured in an NFL Film ""Hey Rookie"" episode
<gr365> Isn't he hurt?
<adamcaplan> 365: I haven't talked to his agent but I'll find out tonight.
<Guest110> Who is Earl Charles?
<adamcaplan> RB from Marshall, Pats signed him last year
<JSinCT> He's on the roster.. RB out of Marshall.
<adamcaplan> UDFA

<gr365> He was allocated to Europe but hasn't taken a snap
<adamcaplan> 365: He got hurt then, has to be,
<adamcaplan> they sent him there for a purpose.
<JSinCT> He looked better than [Cedric] Cobbs. Then again, everyone looked better than Cobbs.
<Guest98> We have the Earl of Charles and the Bam of Childress
<adamcaplan> I just called his agent (Charles), he hurt his knee training for NFLE so he didn't go.

<Morpheus11> Aren't there better prospects that could be available in the 5th round for the OL than Roehl?
<adamcaplan> Morp: Roehl may not make it to camp.

<Morpheus11> Are there any receivers worth taking in the first round this year?
<adamcaplan> MORP: Chad Jackson and Santonio Holmes.

<gr365> I've been watching the Europe league I think Raymond Ventrone might surprise some people! He can Hit!!
<adamcaplan> 365: Hell yeah, I live close to Villanova so I know a lot about him. Great kid. Not sure if he's starter material but will be great on special [teams].

<Morpheus11> Who do you see the Patriots taking in round one?
<adamcaplan> Morp: Depends who is there, DE/OLB, Jackson, Carpenter.

<Guest64> Adam can you tell us more about the hybrids JS has been talking about?
<JSinCT> Hybrids: Gordon you mean?
<Guest64> yes
<adamcaplan> 64: Not sure what you mean.
<Guest64> Gordon the wide receiver and kick returner
<Guest64> and the running back and wide receiver guy
<JSinCT> Jerious Norwood RB/WR working out as both
<adamcaplan> 64: Norwood, Jerome Harrison.
<adamcaplan> I really like Harrison but he's not an every down RB. Cutting, slashing type.

<gr365> I thought Denver jumped to 15 to grab Chad Jackson?
<adamcaplan> 365: They may be looking at a few different players there.

<Morpheus11> I'm thinking Lendale White will not be drafted by the Patriots. Has he eat himself out of thr first round? Or will a team [like] Indy pounce on him if he is available?
<gr365> No way Lendale comes to NE!
<adamcaplan> 365: I agree, he's not a good fit character wise.

<DPF> In your opinion, do you see the Pats trying to move Richard Seymour if they feel he will cause a problem regarding contract extensions?
<adamcaplan> DPF: No, they understand how valuable he is. He can't be replaced, there are no players like him in this draft. He's a game changer.
<adamcaplan> I watched the coaches tape of the playoff game at DEN, you have to see what I saw to understand how good he is.

<gr365> I heard they might be shopping the late first rounder for a deal with GB for Walker?
<adamcaplan> 365: Eagles tried already, they won't have to give up a first for an injured WR.

<Guest98> Adam can you explain the Denver analysis for us?
<adamcaplan> 98: DEN is looking at more than Chad Jackson at #15. Check this week's mock, should come out Friday.


<JSinCT> So you think the Walker to NE rumors are just speculation
<Morpheus11> Do you think the Patriots will make an offer for Javon Walker?
<adamcaplan> Morp: They might but it won't be a first.
<adamcaplan> He's 28 and coming off an ACL injury.
<adamcaplan> makes no sense.
<adamcaplan> Teams treat first round picks like gold....unless you're the Redskins who treat them like their cancer. [jokes]
<Morpheus11> I was figuring a 3rd or 4th but if it happened would not happen until draft day for Walker
<adamcaplan> Morp: Agreed that if anything happens, closer to draft day.
<Guest98> Maybe we can trade Roehl for the Redskin's #1 pick.......
<adamcaplan> GB has told anyone who has called, no dice, they don't want to move him.

<Morpheus11> Do you see the Patriots signing Seymour?
<adamcaplan> Morp: Yes, Kraft will get it done in the end, he will tell Pioli it has to happen.
<Guest110> My guess is the Pats are keeping their cap space to sign pending fre agents-Seymour, Koppen, al

<adamcaplan> Guys: I have to run, we'll do it again in a few weeks.
<adamcaplan> Look for the first mock later this week.

<JSinCT> Alright folks, time to bring this to a close
<Guest98> Thanks ADAM!!
<Guest110> Thanks adam
<DPF> Much thanks Adam.
<Morpheus11> Thanks Adam
<gr365> Thanks Adam!!
<Guest64> thanks adam thanks JS

<JSinCT> Thanks Adam, thanks all. Don't forget, we'll try to put another chat with Adam around the week of the 18th, same time. Be sure to check the forums HERE for news on any upcoming chats or events.

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