NFL Draft: LenDale White Q & A

There are things LenDale White isn't telling every interviewer he has before the Draft, but he did share a few insights with's Ed Thompson. Patriots Insider reported previously that New England had a keen interest in White. Maybe that explains why White told us that Bill Belichick was one of a few top NFL head coaches to sit down with him for a face-to-face interview. Get inside to see who else he met with and more.

Question: I know there are a few very talented running backs in this draft.  What differentiates you from the others that's going to motivate an NFL club to pick you over them?

LenDale White:  I'm probably the biggest running back of the group, I think that's what separates me from those guys.  I'm big, agile, have good footwork and I can catch the ball.

Q:  I've seen you referred to as an individual with a quiet confidence.  Is that an accurate description of your personality?

LW:  Being in the situation I was in at USC, we won a lot of football games, back-to-back championships and almost a third.  Being behind Reggie and Matt and seeing what those guys have done and seeing what I could do playing with those guys raised my confidence level.  I have all the confidence in the world but it's up to me to show it.

Q:  Is there a big difference in LenDale White's personality on the football field versus who you are off the field? 

LW:  Oh yeah, there's a big difference.  I'm outgoing off the field, but not as nitty and gritty as I am on the field, trying to instill an intimidation factor and get my team the win.  Off the field I'm never really out or in the public eye, I'm at home all the time just hanging out playing video games. 

Q:  What do you love the most about playing football?

LW:  I love the competition and being able to compete.  I love playing with my teammates, all 11 guys are there for the same reason:  The offensive line is there to protect the quarterback and get the running back as many yards as they can, I'm there to get as many yards as I can, block for the quarterback, catch the ball and score touchdowns.  Knowing that everyone's there for one reason is what I love the most, we're a family all trying to achieve one goal. 

Q:  Former offensive guard John Drake commented on you and Reggie Bush saying, "Reggie is our physical mismatch, but LenDale is the law."  What do you think about that comment?

LW:  I'm honored by that.  Reggie is definitely a playmaker, he's a game changer, and he can do things that normal people can't do.  I can set the pace.  Whenever I get in the game and get the ball, I try to get in a rhythm and control the game; taking time off the clock…I can do that – a quick punch.

Q:  It seemed like with the relationship you had with Reggie, how the two of you really worked together, there didn't seem to be a resentment or rivalry that you might have with two guys who are so highly talented.  Will you miss hanging with him when you both go your separate ways in the pros?

LW:  It's going to be different; it's going to be crazy.  I've been playing with Matt and Reggie for three years now, that's what I'm used to…going in that backfield and seeing those guys.  I have confidence in what Matt's going to do because I played with him for so long, Reggie might have a 500 yard game one day.  It's going to be a big difference.

Q:  What was the Combine experience like for you personally?

LW:  It was a good experience.  You get to go and meet a lot of the athletes you've heard about a lot, people you never thought you would meet.  Then you get to meet all the coaches you always see and the scouts, it's a long process so you have to make sure you come in rested.  But it also is a lot of fun.  You have to come in with an open mind and realize this is your job; they're going to interview you.  They want to make sure they're investing into someone they'll get something out of…they aren't into donations. 

Q:  Were you happy with your performances at the Combine? 

LW:  I just weighed in and interviewed with some of the teams.  For the most part I think I did well.  Who knows? Everyone has different opinions, I can't say if a team liked me or disliked me.  I just hope everything goes well and I get drafted on draft day.

Q:  Did any of them make a big deal about the arthroscopic surgery you had on your ankle last spring?

LW:  I missed like three games in my football career and I haven't missed any in my collegiate career at all.  Scopes happen here and there --  it helped me if anything.  I played a full season and it feels good.

Q:  You had formal interviews at the Combine where you meet with the head coaches…

LW:  Yeah, we sat down with those guys…Jeff Fisher, Bill Belichick…you know, all the guys you see on TV all the head coaches, assistant coaches.  They ask you questions about your background, history, do you have kids, can you help the team, why did you come out early…things like that, and they want to get to know you. 

Q:  Which teams did you have the face-to-face meeting with the head coach?

LW:  Honestly I don't remember, that weekend happened so fast for me.  I saw every head coach I could possibly see. 

Q:  How do you assess yourself in terms of pass blocking skills?

LW:  I could honestly say I could use some improvement with my technique.  I think my initial strike in pass blocking is good.  Pass blocking is more of an attitude; you have to want to do it.  If you want to block, if you want to strike somebody, if it's in your heart…you can do it.  Once I improve my technique, I'll be perfect. But I'm hungry and I want to hit somebody.

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Note: White has had a number of visits so far. With the meetings at the NFL Combine and the workouts at his pro day, the Patriots, along with a number of teams, will most likely meet with him again to see him run some drills.


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