Patriots Draft: Team Looks at Another LB

Tim McGarigle is a relentless inside linebacker who loves to make big hits. In fact, he set an NCAA Division l-A career-record with 545 tackles, including 319 solo tackles. It's one of the reasons the Patriots took a closer look at the Northwestern product. Patriots Insider has confirmed the team worked out McGarigle and just may be interested enough to add him to the roster come Draft day.

Question:  You have a younger sister who is a student at the University of Illinois. Which team did she root for when you squared off against them?

Tim McGarigle:  She wouldn't be allowed in the house if she didn't root for Northwestern.  It's kind of a family thing going on, my dad went to Illinois but obviously he's a "new" Northwestern fan.

Q:  I know you closed your career as the NCAA's all-time leading tackler, but this is a tough draft linebacker class to be coming out with when you're trying to land an NFL job isn't it?

TM:  There are a lot of great linebackers in this class and I've met a lot of them through the Big Ten and at the Combine.  We will know how great this class is in five years if we are all still playing or what happens, but I think everyone's going to get a shot and the best players will be playing in five years.

Q:  You were counted on to be an emotional leader for your team; tell me about your attitude and demeanor on the football field…

TM:  I'm a totally different person on the field.  At all times I want to have everyone ready, pumped up and excited to play the game.  I just go out there let my emotion fly, let loose, have fun and make plays.

Q:  I saw on your profile at Northwestern, you said the one person from history you would like to have dinner with would be General George Patton.  Why is that?

TM:  I've just heard some crazy stuff about how he would get his men to do anything and he was such a great leader.  I just think that he was such a positive leader and I would like to see how he did it and his way of going about things.

Q:  What did you get out of your Combine experience?

TM:  It was a great experience, a couple of days where you could the top guys at your position and the top players in the draft.  It was fun, but more importantly it was a chance to show everyone your skills and what you have to offer as a player and a person.

Q:  Are there any current NFL linebackers out there now that you try to emulate, or are you strictly your own guy out there?

TM:  I respect every linebacker in the NFL.  If you make it to that level and you're playing it's a great accomplishment.  I just go out there and try to be myself and play my style of football. I'd be happy to be compared to any NFL linebacker.

Q:  You were co-recipient of Northwestern's "Wildcat Warrior" award.  Tell us about that award and what you did to earn it…

TM:  I think that award is for someone that doesn't get that much credit off the field.  It's a tough guy thing; it's just for a guy that's very respected and for someone who is a tough person, a tough player and is kind of like a warrior. 

Q:  I saw your goal was to be a starter as a rookie.  What type of defensive scheme is going to allow you to thrive and quickly establish yourself with a new team?

TM: General managers would know that better, but whether I go to a 4-3 or a 3-4 team I just know I'm going to go out there and play my hardest. I feel comfortable in any scheme.

Ed Thompson is the publisher for Colt Power, the Indianapolis Colts affiliate on the network.

McGarigle is one of a number of linebackers that the Patriots had in for a visit and/or worked out on campus. Here's the rest of the list: Member's link

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