Laurence Maroney Combine Interview

Laurence Maroney NFL Combine interview transcript. Maroney address questions about his injury, what he thought of Reggie Bush, Edgerrin James and Shaun Alexander. He also talked about the Draft process.

Q: Talk about your injury
The idea was to do everything here but while working out I had slight strain of the left lower hamstring, which has prevented me from running here. I ran yesterday around 75% and the doctor at API (his training center) and my agent just felt it would be better to be 100% and run at my pro day. It was in Arizona (when he hurt it).

Q: Did you spend a lot of time in MRI today at the hospital?
Oh, man, about 2 hours. We went to one MRI and they said it broke and it didn't read anything so I had to come inside and start all over. Had to get an MRI on my ankle. A previous injury, a sprained Achilles that kept me out for the Michigan State game. They just wanted an MRI to check up on it.

Q: Talk about today's medical checkups.
I had to go through about 8 different stations, so it was quite a while. By far (most comprehensive checkup).

Q: what was it like to always split time with RBs at Minnesota?
Actually it was fun splitting time with a guy like Marion Barber. We both brought something different to the table, kept defenses on their toes, not knowing what they're going to get. We always had fresh legs in the game, so splitting time was never a problem. We never had any complaints about who had the ball too much.

It helped me out a lot, even though this year I split time with Gary Russell, it helps you out because you don't have a lot of wear and tear on your body.

Q: How many questions [have there been] about your ability to block and catch?
That was one of the major things guys wanted to see. It wasn't that the RBs couldn't catch, it just wasn't a part of our package. We were just used specifically for running. I had some catches this year. I've been working on that in Arizona. Pass blocking, they wanted to see me do that, because we do a lot of 3-step drops and our coaches teach us to cutblock, so there's never too many times where we have 5 step drops where we really have to square up and hit the 'backer. So I've been working on that.

Q: How do you learn to block?
Basically I watch a lot of film because there's a lot of different type of rushers. Rushers are gonna hit you with a lot of different moves, anything to get past you. Once you know your defender, you know how to block him.

Q: How can you distinguish yourself from other RBs?
Just go out there and play my game.

Q: Your senior year in h.s., you had 15 sacks on defense?
I did. It was from a D-end spot. I was just a rush end. Coaches told me line up wide and use my speed to rush the quarterback and get around the blockers.My whole job was to get to the quarterback. In high school, I didn't do too much (sack) dancing, just get a sack and go back to the huddle. I really don't miss it. I really like offense and just running the ball.

Q: Can you believe you're on the verge of being in nfl?
No, not really. Everything's happened so fast. At Normandy (H.S., in St. Louis) I felt I had to work twice as hard as the next guy because it's not a football school and a lot of colleges don't look at Normandy, so i feel I had to do twice as much as the next person. It was a struggle getting to college. but after that I was able to show off my abilities, especially as a junior when I was by myself (without Marion Barber III).

Q: Where do you think you'll be drafted?
It would be a blessing to go in the first round. But right now, I'm just focused on getting ready for my pro day.

What are you going to do here [workout or not]?
Talking to the doctors and my agent, they said it would be better if I do everything at my pro day (March 6).

Q: Are you interested in playing with the Colts?
They have a nice team and I like their style of play. I see myself fitting in well with the Colts.

Q: Some compare you to Edgerrin James. Does that not suck?
I could see that. He's a downhill runner with good hands and speed.

Q: What about the Vikings?
I feel that would be a good place for me, knowing they're trying to get a new stadium. That would probably help a lot for publicity going in there. And I feel I got home-field advantage there. I played there all three years and I know all the ins and outs of their field. I feel that would be a good opportunity. But I feel I can play anywhere.

Q: Some have compared you to Shaun Alexander. What say you?
No. I don't see that at all. Two different styles of runner. He has a nice style but I feel his style and my style do not go together.

Q: Where do you think you'll be picked among running backs after Reggie Bush?
I really don't know because we have a lot of great backs coming out after Reggie Bush. Lindale, DeAngelo. There are a lot of great backs out there. Right now, there's no telling where I will get picked.

He said he spoke with the Vikings last night (Thursday) and was scheduled to interview with them tonight. He also is scheduled to talk to the Colts tonight.

Q: Why not run here with all of your speed? Why not just turn it on for everybody?
That was my plan, to be ready to go. But then I strained my (left) hamstring working out in mid-January. I'm running at about 75 percent. We figured why come here and run maybe 90 percent when I could wait and run 100 percent at my pro day?



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