Patriots Draft Prospect: MSU's Chris Morris

Michigan State center Chris Morris likes scary movies and football, not necessarily in that order. Go inside with a look at a player who lives for the camaraderie of lineman and the pursuit of excellence. Morris talks about working out for Patriots line coach Dante Scharnecchia among other topics.

How did you do at your Pro Day?
I think it went real well. After the first of the year, went to train in Pittsburgh, working on speed and strength. I was there two months. By the time I got there, no nerves, my technique was good and I had a good day, put up some good numbers. You practiced it so much that the moments become second nature.

Do you have a preference, pass-blocking or run-blocking?
On the whole, all linemen like punishing people, but its also nice keeping the QB clean and letting him throw down the feel. But running the ball is a more rewarding feeling.

Who recruited you besides MSU?
I had a lot of MAC schools, Stanford came to visit, but I think Michigan State showed interest in me, showed the most want.

What were some of the highlights at Michigan State?
When I first got there, first year, we beat Michigan I didnt play that much, but and its still a memory that started it off for me. Its not something Ill forget anytime soon. Mostly, its the guys on the line - the o-line is the tightest group on the team. Youve got to be friends, you rely on each other so much.

Are you looking forward to the draft? Nervous? Anxious?
A little bit of everything. Its hard not knowing what your life holds.

Are you working out to prepare?
Im helping mentor a few of the younger linemen, working out on campus. Im working on the other positions. In the NFL, you need to know different positions, so Im getting on my guard technique. I feel like I could definitely fit in at guard if I needed to.

Who have you talked to in terms of NFL teams, whats that process been like for you?
Its different. You talk to so many teams, and you can't really get a good grip to see whether theyre really interested or just saying hello. I went to Seattle, flew up to New York, a couple of the Patriots guys came to work me out. A lot of different teams, but you dont know whats up. In Seattle, I met a few coaches, scouts. The Jets, I pretty much sat down with everybody head coach, assistants, GM, everyone.

Who'd you work out for with the Patriots?
Coach (Dante) Scarnecchia was here at my pro day, and another (New England) coach the next week. It was standard drills, wanted to see if I could do some guard stuff, work on flexibility, taught me a few pass sets to see if I could remember them. I sat down with coach Scarnecchia for a half hour, I think he was trying to figure out who I was as a person.

What was your impression of Scarnecchia?
I think like a lot of O-line coaches, he might be yelling on the field, but mild-mannered off the field the type of guy you respect, you know they love what they do.

Whats the last movie you saw?
I saw the Hills Have Eyes. I thought it was really good, I like scary movies.

All time favorite?

Probably Dumb and Dumber.

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PI staff writer Jonathan Comey contributed to this report.

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