Patriots Draft: Prediction Came True

The Patriots top Draft picks surprised a lot of draftnicks who cover the annual event. As reported previously by TFY Draft Preview and Patriots Insider, New England was looking to add playmakers to the roster.'s own Tony Pauline shares his thoughts on the Patriots Day One Draft picks, and how his prediction came true.

First Round Pick, No. 21: RB, Laurence Maroney, Minnesota
Patriots Insider: Was Maroney drafted a little too early?

Tony Pauline: A bit of a surprise based on Maroney's injury history. I like Maroney and always thought he would contend to be the second ball carrier taken in the draft but the durability issues really scared me. If he can stay healthy he can be special.

Second Round Pick, No. 36: WR, Chad Jackson, Florida

PI: What did you think about the trade? Was it worth it?

TP: No surprise here. We reported at back on March 30th the Pats loved Jackson and would consider moving up in round one to grab him. The way things fell ALL the receivers went later then expected. Lots of potential in Jackson, just needs to polish his game and straighten out his attitude.

Third Round Pick, No. 86: TE, David Thomas, Texas

PI: Who is this David Thomas and why did the Patriots Draft another TE?

TP: This pick spells doom for Daniel Graham. Unlike the past early selections of a tight (Graham/Watson) who were good athletes, Thomas is a real good tight end. More of a pass catcher but very solid player who could be a good #2

The transcript from a Patriots draft chat with Tony can be found in the Insider's Lounge Message Board. Review last week's chat to see what Tony thought of the Draft, and get his pre-draft predictions for the team.


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