Patriots Draft Analysis: More Surprises Day 2

The Patriots second day Draft picks continued to raise eyebrows as the team remained focused on finding players for offense. Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview shares his thoughts on the Patriots' draft selections of Day Two and how they may fit into the New England system.

Fourth Round Pick, No. 106: Garrett Mills, FB/TE Tulsa
PI: Why another TE when they just drafted one on Day one? Where will he
fit in?

TP: .....Interesting selection by the Pats. To my mind round four was a bit early for Mills. I'm sure they'll use him as a H-back/FB/move-TE....he is the offensive version of Mike Vrabel.

Fourth Round Pick, No. 118: Stephen Gostkowski, K, Memphis
PI: Couldn't they have picked up a kicker in round 5 or 6 or later?

TP: I was never high on Gostkowski to the point where we did not include him in the [Draft rankings]. Besides watching him on film the past two games I saw him practice every day at the Senior Bowl. He kicks a dead ball, it really does not show great explosion off his foot.

Fifth Round Pick, No. 136: Ryan O'Callaghan, OT, California
PI: Wasn't he rated as a day one prospect? What does he offer over Brandon Gorin/ Nick Kaczur?

TP: Another guy I thought was overrated yet good value in five for the Pats. He is a size prospect who shows some ability. The biggest problem are injuries; O'Callaghan has had a pair of shoulder surgeries and back problems as well. Worth a risk in round five though.

Sixth Round Pick, No. 191: Jeremy Mincey, DE, Florida
PI: is he capable of playing the "elephant" position on the Pats D at OLB?

TP: Solid choice by the Pats. Mincey has a lot of upside potential at a standup linebacker and can develop into the McGinest/Elephant type of role in time... remember; he only played big time college football for two seasons.

Sixth Round, No. 205: Dan Stevenson, OG, Notre Dame
PI: Why Stevenson over other OL like a center?

TP: Another good choice. Stevenson was good value in six. He has some growth potential that must be met yet when breaking him down on film I was impressed with his footwork and ability to slide in pass protection. Could make it as a reserve.

Sixth Round, No. 206: Le Kevin Smith, DT, Nebraska
PI: Can he backup Wilfork or does he have a different style?

TP: Smith is a lot smaller than Wilfork. He's more of a NT in the Pats system though he lacks the size, consistent motor and has had knee issues. All reasons why he fell so far.

Seventh Round, No. 229: Willie Andrews, S, Baylor
PI: Where does he fit, Safety or ...?

TP: Andrews is one of the more underrated DB's in this draft. Obviously there are size concerns but he has the cover skills and athletic abilities to fit in as a dime back. Regardless, he must earn his wage as a return specialist.

The transcript from a Patriots draft chat with Tony can be found in the Insider's Lounge Message Board. Review last week's chat to see what Tony thought of the Draft, and get his pre-draft predictions for the team.


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