Newswire: Troy Brown, Maroney & More on Law

News from around the web includes: A look at New England Patriot's Troy Brown, Tom Shaw the speed coach for the Patriots making players faster, More on Ty Law, Laurence Maroney drawing praise and a Super Bowl record holder passes away.

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-- New England Patriots veteran receiver Troy Brown has returned to the team for one more season, likely his last according to the former Marshall product. At 35, Brown has the wear and tear of over a dozen seasons catching passes, returning kicks and even playing defense. He contemplated retirement last year until his family managed to talk him out of it. They're a big part of his motivation to continue playing. Brown sometimes grabs his kids and watches some old highlight tapes reports the Boston Herald. "Maybe once or twice a month. They enjoy it", Brown said, "and I get little goose bumps. Then I get up and get my workouts in for the rest of the week."

-- At age 43, Tom Shaw, strength and conditioning coach for the New England Patriots, can still run a 4.65 forty yard dash. Shaw claims that he can make a player 2 tenths of a second faster in the 40. In the NFL, that's equivalent to 3 yards, which can make the difference between success and failure in breaking (or making) tackles reports Mens Health.

-- Free agent cornerback Ty Law may need to rethink his 10 million dollar signing bonus demand as teams find themselves with less cap room. Law visited with both the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots but no contract offers were discussed according to the Boston Herald. The Patriots are considered to be a viable suitor to the Pennsylvania native.

-- Dan Ross, former tight end of the Cincinnati Bengals, passed away at the age of 49 at his home in Atkinson, N.H. following a routine jog the Boston Globe reports. Ross, a college Hall of Fame inductee, played 10 years in the NFL and set a Super Bowl record with 11 receptions for 104 yards in a loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

'Dan was a tremendous player for us, a big factor in us making our first Super Bowl," said Bengals president Mike Brown in a statement. ''Beyond that, and more importantly, Dan was a special person. He was held in high regard by everyone around here."

-- Laurence Maroney has drawn praise from his new head coach after showing his skills at Patriots rookie minicamp this past weekend. Maroney's former offensive coordinator, Minnesota's Mitch Browning, received a telephone call from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick praising the former Gopher. "(Belichick) said it's been a long time since he's had a running back accelerate through the hole like Maroney," Browning told the St Paul Pioneer Press.

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Flutie to the Hall of Fame: The debate rages on the value of Flutie. Does he deserve to be in the hall of fame? Some say he should be, as the cite the name of the Hall itself "Pro football hall of fame",; while others disagree citing his lack of championships in the NFL. Have an opinion? Share it with those who are still strolling down Flutie memory lane here: Patriots Message boards

Ty Law to Kansas City, New England or Other: Reports are coming in from those watching ESPN's Cold Pizza, listening to WEEI radio, catching a "JT and the Brick" show. Each media outlet has their own guest saying where Ty Law will go according to their sources. One claims that Law's agent has said the all-pro cornerback is leaning toward the Chiefs. The NFL Network thinks it's Seattle.

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