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News from around the web includes: New England Patriots receiver Reche Caldwell competing for No. 2 duties; Doug Flutie to be honored by state lawmakers; the search continues for a new NFL Commissioner; Denver Bronco's quarterback Jake Plummer involved in alleged road rage incident; No number 5 for Reggie Bush, and the New Orleans Saints sign free agent wide receiver Derrius Thompson.

Newswire Items 5/24/06


-- New England Patriot wide receiver Reche Caldwell and rookie Chad Jackson are both University of Florida alums and have been training and working together as the Patriots decide on whom the No. 2 wide receiver will be next to Deion Branch. Jackson represents the future, but Caldwell is feeling more of a pressure to perform according to the Boston Herald.

During his 4 years as a San Diego Charger, Caldwell started only 14 games and never had more than 28 catches in any one season. Caldwell states: "In San Diego my only downfall was I kept getting hurt. It seemed that whenever something good would happen, something bad would happen right after it." The Patriots are hoping that that trend will reverse itself here in New England.

-- Retired backup quarterback Doug Flutie will be honored by state lawmakers. According to the Boston Channel, Flutie will receive special recognition for contributions to football and his work with autistic research and public awareness.

Originally scheduled for retirement in mid July, NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue will likely postpone until mid August. During a two day meeting the selection committee finished preliminary consideration for Tagliabue's successor. That process, according to the Associated Press is targeted to finish by mid August. To approve a new Commissioner, 22 of 32 owners must agree.

-- A summons was issued to Denver Bronco's quarterback Jake Plummer for an alleged road rage incident back in April. According to the complaint, the driver of a car listed to Plummer got out and kicked the car in back of him. He then got back into his car and backed into it. Plummer, when contacted by police, said he was involved in a rear end accident, but not road rage.

-- After a failed 1999 attempt to bring an NFL football team back to the Los Angeles area, the NFL committee has earmarked $10 million dollars to help with plans to bring the league back to Southern California. Both Anaheim and Los Angeles are possibilities and each city would equally split the $10 million.

Anaheim's plan includes a facility used by the Rams that is next to where the Angels play their baseball. The Los Angeles plan presumably includes renovating the Coliseum where the Raiders played.

-- While playing for USC, New Orleans Saint's rookie running back Reggie Bush wore number 5. Under NFL rules, running backs are limited to wearing numbers between 20-49. Bush had asked the NFL for an exception stating that he would donate 25% of the proceeds from jersey sales for the New Orleans area recovery. Despite the NFL saying no, Bush still plans to keep his pledge according to the Associated Press.

-- Seeking to upgrade their wide receivers, the New Orleans Saints have signed free agent Derrius Thompson. ESPN is reporting that Thompson, who didn't play during the 2005 season, was signed to a one year contract that includes the minimum base salary of $585,000.

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