Newswire: Seymour, Claridge & More

News from around the web includes: New England Patriot's defensive end Richard Seymour knows how to listen; Patriots new running back Pat Cobbs; Patriot's linebacker LB Claridge is bouncing back and more from around the league.

Newswire Items 5/26/06

-- When New England Patriot's defensive end Richard Seymour first entered the locker room as a rookie, veterans like Willie McGinest gave him some sound advice. Seymour listened intently to both what McGinest said and what he didn't say.

Now in his sixth season with the Patriots, Seymour is grasping the leadership torch and answering questions asked him by the rookies. Seymour tells the Boston Globe that being a leader is a different role especially when some of the older veterans are no longer in the locker room, and he wants to help them.

-- Former University of North Texas running back Patrick Cobbs signed a contract with the New England Patriots nearly a week ago . Despite setting numerous rushing records in at North Texas, Cobbs was overlooked in this year's NFL draft and signed with the Patriots as a UDFA.

With 10 running backs currently on the Patriots' roster, the pressure of making the team can be almost overbearing. The Country Wide News reports that he [Cobbs] will take it all in stride.

-- New England Patriot's linebacker LB Claridge was sidelined during the 2005 season with an elbow injury. A greater pain was felt when his older brother [Travis] passed away on February 28th of this year. The Providence Journal reports "that playing well would honor his brother's memory. But the impact of Travis Claridge's life and death on Ryan will extend much further." The Patriots are looking for someone to emerge from the pack to join Tedy Bruschi at inside linebacker and Claridge hopes to be the one.

-- The Kansas City Chiefs withdrew their bid for the 2015 Super Bowl. County officials also withdrew a resolution to put a rolling roof on Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt said that renovations would proceed without the roof making Arrowhead Stadium climate control, conducive to hosting a future Super Bowl.

-- New Orleans Saints rookie running back Reggie Bush will be wearing No. 25 this season. Bush originally wanted to wear his collegiate No. 5, but NFL rules states that a running back must wear a number between 20-49. Instead, veteran running back Fred McAfee has agreed to let Bush wear his No. 25. ESPN is reporting that Bush will contribute 25% of jersey royalties to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Matt Hasslebeck was recently seen using crutches on his way to a promotional event. A Port of Seattle employee states that the injury is a very minor one and that Hasslebeck only uses the crutches to go long distances. Seattle's front office reports that they are unaware of any injury to their starting quarterback.

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