QBs Hope To Rebound In 2006

Quarterbacks who suffer season ending injuries the year before typically take a longer time to get back into the groove of things the following season. Bengals QB Carson Palmer and former Vikings gunslinger Dante Culpepper each suffered major knee injuries in 2005 and are looking to rebound in 2006. For Palmer there's more attention with the SI cover.

Comeback quarterbacks are making headlines around the NFL, especially Carson Palmer of the Bengals, whose rehabilitation from a knee injury suffered in last season's playoffs, was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Meanwhile, Dolphins quarterback Daunte Culpepper, was also in the news, although the headlines were limited to the Miami area.

Coach Nick Saban revealed that Culpepper has been given medical clearance to practice his drops and nearly every skill needed to play his position.

"He may not do it quite as quickly, but he's doing it and effectively enough to participate," Saban said.

Saban won't go on record predicting when Culpepper will play, but it appears he could play in at least one exhibition game.

As for Palmer, his SI cover shows him in a pool, with the headline simply, "The Rehab of Carson Palmer."

"It's definitely flattering to be on the cover of any magazine," Palmer said, "especially a magazine like that, but it's not like I'm on it for winning a big game. I'm on it for being dinged up. When you're on it because you're injured and not able to practice, it's not as good. But it's still a huge honor."

In addition to detailing what Palmer felt after being injured, it also included strong comments from the quarterback about his hatred for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Asked later about that, and why he spoke so openly about the rivalry, Palmer said, "It's how I felt. It's how everybody in our locker room feels. It's a heated rivalry between local teams. It's great. I don't hate playing them. I love playing them. ... I hope they lose every game and I'm sure they hope we lose every game.

"It's nothing personal against the individual players. It's the game."


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