Newswire: June 1 news, Robert Edwards & more

News from around the web includes: Two new tight ends add a new dimension to the New England Patriots' offense, Few significant roster cuts expected on June 1st, former Patriots RB Robert Edwards shares his thoughts on Ricky Williams and more.

Newswire Items 5/31/06

-- When the New England Patriots selected Texas tight end David Thomas it didn't surprise a lot of people. What may have been a surprise is when the Patriots then selected Tulsa tight end Garrett Mills for their first pick on day 2. The Patriots frequently use multi tight end sets that emphasize their pass catching ability more than their blocking prowess. Patriots Insider reports that with the addition of these two rookie tight ends, the Patriots' offense could take a major step forward.

-- With the recent changes in the CBA, this year's 'June 1st' could be just another date on the calendar. It used to be that June 1st was used by teams to trim down their cap and for other teams to sign those veterans that were released. But this year, according to ESPN, a circle around June 1st on a General Manager's calendar could simply be a prime tee time that day.

-- The New York Jets have signed cornerback Ray Mickens, along with wide receiver Reggie Newhouse and cornerback Reed Rayshun. The Jets have also waived Quarterback Kliff Kingsbury and cornerback James Taylor according to a report by Jets Confidential.

-- The Denver Broncos have signed three players from the NFLE. They are Utah's running back Marty Johnson, linebacker Kevin Harrison and defensive tackle Bryan Save as reported by ESPN.

-- Former first-round draft pick and one-time Patriot Robert Edwards plays for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL, the same team Dolphins running back Ricky Williams joined recently. After a devastating knee injury as a rookie, Edwards bounced around the league eventually landing in the CFL. While in the NFL, he actually played on the same team as Williams in Miami. Edwards talks about having Williams in the CFL, and the disparity in income between Ricky and the rest of the league.

-- Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has a father who was also a pro football player. In an article on, Hasselbeck talks about being a kid growing up with a father who played for the Patriots as well as a number of other teams. Moving around every couple of years wasn't easy for Hasselbeck, but he says he didn't mind because of the benefits to having a father in the NFL.

-- A day after Peter King picks the Cowboys to top the Patriots in Super Bowl XLI, Don Banks pens an article in Sports Illustrated on how the Colts will win it all in 2006. Banks compares the Colts frustrating losses and their potential to overcome those hurdles in '06 to the Steelers in 2005 and the Red Sox in 2004.

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