Rumor Mill: Is Law still in the Pats Future?

Rumor and speculation have run rampant surrounding the eventual landing spot for free agent cornerback Ty Law. Patriots Insider has the latest on the buzz surrounding Law's possible return to New England and what it means for fans of the Chiefs, Seahawks, Titans, Cardinals and Chargers. Get inside for the latest word from a league insider.

According to a league insider, Ty Law is closing in on a deal, but that deal does not appear to be with the Patriots. Instead, the word Patriots Insider has received is that the favorite to sign Law at this time is his former coach from New York, Herm Edwards. Edwards signed Law to the Jets roster after his release by the Patriots last year, and is interested in bringing the veteran defender to Kansas City to remake the Chiefs defense.

Law has been linked to a variety of teams including the Chiefs, Titans, Seahawks and Patriots for most of the spring. He took a physical on some of those visits, including one for the Patriots in May. Recent reports have added the Cardinals and the Chargers to the mix, although the Boston Herald later reported that Law's agents, Carl and Kevin Poston, had actually contacted Arizona prior to any interest being shown by the team.

Coming off a Pro Bowl season in which he registered a career-high 10 interceptions, Law is reportedly looking for a contract that includes $10 million in bonus money and averages $7 million per season. That price has clearly been too rich for the teams that are interested, although New England Vice President of Player Personnel Scott Pioli has reportedly begun direct negotiations with the Postons. and Patriots Insider have reported previously that Law remained in contact with the Patriots early this offseason with direct calls between himself and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Belichick has declined to talk about those conversations yet allowed room to speculate that a regular dialog indeed exists between him and the all-pro cornerback.

Law still has friends on the Patriots, and remains in contact with a number of them. He was seen hanging out in Boston earlier this spring. Law sightings in New England are a source of fuel for speculation of his possible return, but are not indicative of his eventual landing spot. That remains up to the negotiators who decide how much is too much.

The possibility remains that Law will not sign until training camp or later as he did with the Jets last August. Patriots Insider believes the time frame is closing in, and may be sooner rather than later, and his destination is likely to be in the Midwest.

Stay tuned to Patriots Insider and Warpaint Illustrated for breaking news on Law and the teams most likely to sign him at this point.

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