Chad Jackson Minicamp Q & A

Chad Jackson has looked impressive in his first real action at minicamp this week, spent a few minutes speaking with the media after practice. He talked about his route running, learning the offense, and catching balls from one of the best quarterbacks in the league.


Q. "Let's just talk about (minicamp). How is it for you? I mean, there's a lot to learn as a rookie?"

A. "It's going pretty good for me right now. I'm just getting everything down, all the plays, and trying to move slowly and get everything down and go out there and show everybody what I can do."

Q. "What is it like to have Tom Brady throwing footballs to you?"

A. "It feels real good. (He's) a great quarterback like that that's been in the league a lot of years. He knows what he's doing with a lot of experience and I'm hoping to catch a lot more balls during the regular season from him."

Q. "What sort of things are you working on right now in terms of taking your game to the next level?"

A. "Right now just different coverages and working on my routes and stuff like that - side adjustments and things like that and different defensive coverages. Just trying to get my game better at all aspects."

Q. "How much more quickly do things move at this level than at the collegian level?"

A. "The speed is a little faster and the veterans have a lot more experience than you - they know a lot more techniques and things. You just got to learn from it and keep on."


WR Chad Jackson leaps for a ball while DB eric Warfield defends. Jackson has routinely made difficult catches his first two days of team drills. (Photo Jon Scott /

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