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News from around the web includes: Veteran New England Patriot cornerback Eric Warfield eager to make a good impression; Ex Washington Redskin's defensive end Dexter Manley recovering from brain surgery while former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver J.J. Stokes, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Patriots running back Kevin Faulk help aspiring young football players.

Newswire Items 6/26/06


-- When New England Patriot cornerback Eric Warfield was cut from the Kansas City Chiefs earlier this year, it marked an end of an era in his life. Signing a contract with the Patriots a month later started another. Currently the No. two left cornerback on the Patriot's roster, Warfield will compete with 2nd year cornerback Ellis Hobbs for the starting spot. Warfield told the Texarkana Gazette, "I'm going into a defense that has a lot of young players, so I know they'll be a lot quicker and faster. I'll just have to use my experience to show these people that I deserve a starting spot."

-- Ex Washington Redskin's defensive end Dexter Manley underwent brain surgery to remove a cyst. USA Today reports that doctors first discovered the cyst in 1986 and had grown to the point where it needed to be removed. After the surgery, Manley said with a chuckle, "I'm not doing too good, not doing too good at all. This nurse, she's handling me with rough gloves, and she won't feed me, and all these needles they keep poking me with are 'bout to drive me crazy."

-- Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver J.J. Stokes is helping many aspiring young football players keep the dream of someday playing in the NFL. The Daily Democrat reports that Stokes can be seen at many of the football camps in California passing his football knowledge to the younger set. "The way you approach these camps depends on the ages of the kids," Stokes said. "You want to see the older kids improve their posture and their technique, while you really just like seeing the effort from the really young ones." Stokes earned a Super Bowl ring while playing for the New England Patriots during the 2003 season.

-- Indianapolis Colt's quarterback Peyton Manning is also helping youngsters learn how to throw and catch a football. The Boston Herald is reporting that Upper Deck sponsored a clinic and the participants (most of whom aren't even Colt's fans) were the winners of an on the air trivia contest. "He taught me how to throw a spiral, how to catch the ball and how to get my hands in the correct spot," said 9-year-old Chris Buchanan, an aspiring quarterback…"

-- The Daily Advertiser has a Q&A with Patriots running back Kevin Faulk. Faulk, 30, is putting on a football camp for youth with St Louis Rams linebacker Trev Faulk. Kevin Faulk believes in the program as a way to give back to the community, which has supported him over the years. He also feels that he can impart valuable lessons on kids who want to play football. "We want to help kids learn the fundamentals," Faulk told the Advertiser. "When I was growing up we didn't have anything like this, so we would have to go to Baton Rouge for camps." The camp runs from June 30 to July 1and is free for middle and high school kids.


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