Minicamp Files: Q&A with Johnathan Sullivan

Johnathan Sullivan has had better days than the one he had last Sunday. Sullivan and a friend were arrested on traffic and drug related charges at 4 am in Georgia a week ago. Patriots Insider digs through the archives to bring you a Q&A Sullivan had in his first meeting with the press. His second is likely to be full of a few less appealing questions.

Q&A with Johnathan Sullivan

Patriots' newcomer defensive tackle Johnathan Sullivan may have some extra baggage he's carrying from New Orleans, but that isn't a reason to cut the guy some slack on his arrival in New England. The media was polite, but hardly gave Sullivan much wiggle room on the questions they lobbed at him after practice his first day of minicamp. To Sullivan's credit he managed to make it through the first barrage of questions without doing much - if any - damage to his reputation.

While his interviewing ability appeared to be honed to the defensive side of the Q & A, it was his ability to hone his body into shape, which drew the most interest from reporters.

The following is a sampling of questions Sullivan was asked in his first meeting with the press:

Question: How badly do you want to be an excellent player?

Johnathan Sullivan: Definitely. Everybody wants to be an excellent player

Q: What do you think about the criticisms that followed you from New Orleans on your conditioning, your weight. Do you think they were valid criticisms?
I left all that in New Orleans

Q: Do you feel you're in better condition now than your were?
I feel good.

Q: Is there a specific weight that [the Patriots] have given to you that you have to reach?
JS: No sir. I just have to work hard every down.

Q: Do you have any experience in the 3-4 [defense]?
JS: Can't say that I do.

Q: has it been an adjustment at all?
Yes sir. Learning all the terminology and putting all that other stuff in the past.

Q: Do you think you're going to play nose tackle or another position?
JS: Either one, it doesn't matter to me.

Q: Do you bring a different attitude [to New England]?
JS: They have a great attitude already here. I'm just learning from the older guys.

Q: You personally, do you have a refreshed attitude for a second chance for a first impression?
JS: Anytime you get a second chance it's a great opportunity, you have to take advantage of it.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard you were going to come here [New England]?
JS: Just pack my bags and get on the plane.

Q: Are there some things in New Orleans that you'd like to correct here with a new start?
JS: All of that is in New Orleans.

Q: There's nothing you think that you could have done better; maybe done this better or done that better?
JS: No sir.

Q: Did you see the trade coming?
JS: No sir. They came in after practice and told me.

Q: What is your role here what have they told you?
JS: Right now I'm at nose tackle behind Vince [Wilfork], backing him up. And I'm playing a little bit in the 4-3.

Q: What was your impression of watching the Patriots from afar, your impression of the franchise?
JS: I liked the things that were going on here. Pretty much every one who's playing wants to play here.

L to R Santonio Thomas, Vince Wilfork, Marquise Hill and Johnathan Sullivan during defensive line drills at Patriots minicamp June 14, 2006. (Photo Jon Scott/ Patriots Insider)

More on Sullivan's Q&A with the media can be heard in the audio archives or in his player profile here:

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